Ice cream parlours in Rome: eight new gelaterie to try

Ice cream parlours in Rome: eight new gelaterie to try

Ice cream parlours in Rome: eight new gelaterie to try, summer 2017. The ice cream season has arrived! This summer we’ve found 8 new ice cream parlours in Rome you should try. If (like us) you adore a gelato, then take a tour of the best new gelaterie in Rome.


Gelato San Lorenzo

Gelato San Lorenzo Roma

Gelato San Lorenzo opened in April 2017 and has already made its name as one of the city’s best ice cream parlours. The ice cream is made with the finest ingredients while the space itself is modern and spacious. The chef Stefano Ferrara makes ice cream that is 100% natural with high quality milk, organic eggs, seasonal fruits and flavourings such as Valrhona chocolate, Bronte pistachios, round hazelnuts from Piedmont, lemons from Amalfi, Amarelli liquorice, and granulated coconut sugar. By using natural fibers Stefano limits the sugar content to 25% of a traditional ice cream, making the ice creams a little healthier than usual! Emulsifiers, gelatins, colourants, artificial flavourings and vegetable fats are not used. Gelato San Lorenzo are also very considerate of their customers dietary requirements; flavours such as Pistashio and Chocolate are vegan, and some cones are gluten-free and vegan. The more unusual flavours on offer are: Raw Milk Chocolate made with Venezuelen Cocoa Beans, Madagascan Chocolate with Orange, Peanut Brittle, Orange and Ginger, Aniseed Ricotta and Sour Cherries, Raspberries and Basil, Pear and Cinammon Crumble, Pineapple and Rosemary, and Walnut and Limewood Honey. Other than ice cream you can try cremolati (more like a sorbet than ice cream), yoghurts, fruit cocktails (3.50), smoothies, milkshakes, juices, crepes and waffles.

Price per kg: €21.00.

Cone/cup with two scoops: 2 euro, 1.50 for children.

Gelato San Lorenzo, Via Tiburtina, 6. Tel. 064469440. Open every day 11am to 1am. Website and Facebook.



Frigo Roma

Since mid June, Frigo, the ice cream parlour that used to travel around Rome as an ice cream van, now has its own space in Via Marmorata 30, next to the huge complex that includes restaurants Romeo and Giulietta.  Architecturally, it’s very interesting: through a tunnel you reach a vault with white painted barrels and bricks, surrounded by shelves, cabinets and simple white tables. You can sit inside and shelter from the sun or make your way out onto the big terace that stretches out into the street. The ice cream is delicious and made with carefully selected ingredients. Frigo pay particular attention to the ice cream base, experimenting with different flavours, consistencies and temperatures. They might not produce the most crazily creative flavours, but they do serve timeless classics, such as Vanilla, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Biscuit, Banana, Strawberry, Pineapple, which are all mouth-wateringly good, and won’t break the bank.

Price per kg: €25.00

Cone/cup with 2 scoops: 2.00 euro

Frigo Gelato Artigianale, Via Marmorata, 30. Tel. 333.4561144. Open every day from midday to midnight. Saturday open until 2am. Website and Facebook


La Giudecca

Giudecca Roma

The San Giovanni district finally has its own gourmet ice cream parlour! La Giudecca opened in January 2017 and, besides the main counter space, has a comfortable seating area for all those fanatics who still fancy an ice cream during the winter months. This was actually the initial idea, to create a gelateria that would be popular all year round, from morning to evening. In the seating area, other than the chairs and sofas, there’s also a big American fireplace. The ice cream is made in tightly regulated temperatures and flavours are meticulously researched. Almost all the flavours available are gluten-free, except the Biscuit and the Crumble. The finest ingredients are selected, for the fruit flavours there’s Fig from Cosenza, Melon from Cantalupo, Seng Sengana Strawberry,  Lemon from Sorrento, and for the creamier ice creams we recommend trying the Sicilian Pistashio, Belgian Chocolate, Zabaione with Marsala Florio, and the Venetian Kiss. On the menu you’ll also find four different cream flavours – the classic panna, coffee cream, cream with zabaione and cream with Belgian chocolate fondent.

Price per kg: €20.00

Cone/cup with 2 scoops: 2.50 euros

La Giudecca, Via Britannia, 74. Tel. 06 9558 2750. Open every day from 11am to midnight. Website and Facebook.


G like Gelato

Glike Gelato Roma

This huge ice cream parlour was opened in September 2016 in Piazza Cola di Rienzo by Giancarlo Brancale. It’s chic minimal design with an open kitchen and black marble worktops gives it a very modern feel. The brand manager, Mattia Crosetto, is already working on a chain of new eateries that are set to open in Italy and abroad. In place of traditional ice cream tubs are the churners where the ice cream is created and kept at a regulated temperature. While you might have seen that before, you certainly won’t have seen the ‘piastra raffreddata‘ (chilled plate) where it’s possible to help whip the Gourmet flavours that change monthly. Other than these there are also the ‘Mastro (principal) Gelatiere‘ flavours that vary from season to season, such as the Colomba, Panettone, Apple with Celery & Lemon, Carrot with Ginger and Lime, or there are the Variegati (assorted) flavours such as Sage with Forest Fruits, Apricot Fondent and Pine Nuts, Coffee Cream with Crispy Wafer, Chocolate Hazelnut Cream with Oats, Peanut Praline, and more traditional flavours. There’s then the ‘formula-on-demand’ option where you can choose your ingredients and have a personalised ice cream made for you which is served with an espresso. And for special events you can also try unusual savoury flavours such as Cacio e Pepe, Salmon, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Sword Fish with Citrus and Pepper, White Wine, Red Wine, Mojito or Aperol Spritz, that are paired with pastries, Roman pizza or particular dishes. You’ll also want to Instagram the many ice creams on sticks which are positioned in the window and are available to take away (a small one for 2 euros and a large for 4 euros).

Take away prices: per portion (250cc): natural 5.00, assorted 6.50, Gourmet 7.50

Cone/cup with 2 scoops: 2.50, assorted 3.50, Gourmet 4.00

G like Gelato, Piazza Cola di Rienzo, 29. Tel. 0696035196. Open every day from 11am to midnight. Website and Facebook.


Neve di Latte

Neve di Latte Roma

Neve di Latte has its original gelateria in front of the MAXXI art gallery, but now has opened in a new site in Via Federico Cesi 1, facing onto Piazza Cavour. In an area that’s already filled with excellent artisan ice cream parlours, the owners Sabatino Baldassari and Roberto Tulli have focused both on choosing an elegant location, designed by architects Melissa Fabiano and Francesca Contuzzi, and on selecting excellent produce. The space is cleverly filled with stools and tables so that you can enjoy your ice cream away from the sunshine, because an ice cream that’s free of stabilisers and preservatives tends to melt more quickly. To hear about the making of the ice cream, we went to talk to Simone Romano who has been an ice cream chef for decades: ‘You begin by choosing the finest ingredients, such as organic milk from Bavaria, water from the mountains, organic eggs, Muscovado sugar from the Phillipines and Brazilian Demerara sugar. By using authentic produce, you can ensure that your ice cream will be of the highest quality’. So at Neve di Latte you can look forward to flavours such as Valrhona Chocolate Fondent with Orange, Tuscan Amedei Chocolate,  Almond and Coffee Chocolate, Pine Nut from Pisa, Pistacchio from Afghanistan or Pistacchio from Bronte, Almond from Avola, and Cream with Cinnamon. There are also sorbets that are made with Plose water, such as Fig, Wild Strawberry, Lime, Pineapple and Basil, and Hibiscus with Lemon and Thyme.

Price per kg: €25.00

Cone/cup with two scoops: 2.50 euros

Neve di Latte – Organic Ice Cream Parlour; open every day from 11am to 1am. Facebook.

Flaminio: Via Luigi Poletti, 6 – Tel. 063208485

Prati: Via Federico Cesi, 1 – Tel. 063225744


Gelato Paolessi

gelato paolessi roma

It might not be one of the best Roman gelaterie but you can find Gelato Paolessi in three of the Capital’s different districts: Monti, San Lorenzo and San Giovanni (which opened at the end of June). The San Giovanni gelateria comes originally from the small town of Cisterna di Latina, where a family have been making ice cream for two generations. The Roman ice cream parlours, on the otherhand, have been opened by four friends: Domenico, Emilio, Gianmauro and Alessio. The master ice cream maker is Bruno Paolessi, who has been making his ice cream for forty years in the traditional way. He makes traditional flavours such as: Ricotta and Pear, Cherry, Zabaione, three types of Chocolate (Paolessi, normal and fondent), Custard, Apple and Cinnamon, and Tirimisù. The San Giovanni parlour itself is well designed by architect Francesco Zarbano: the counter displays more than 20 ice cream tubs which are brightly lit up to seem like a market stall. The green-painted walls and natural wood interiors give the place a fresh and welcoming feel.

Price per kg: €20.00

Cone/cup with two flavours: 2.30 euros

Gelato Paolessi, open Monday to Saturday 3.30pm to 11.30pm, and also open on Sunday mornings.

Via degli Equi, 10 – Tel. 064467318

Via di Santa Maria Maggiore, 110 – Tel. 06485417

Via delle Cave, 69 – Tel. 064467318




Having opened originally in Anzio in 2011, and then having popped up with six gelaterie between Frascati and Fregene, Biolée is now in Rome and soon opening in Pomezia, Ciampino and even Madrid! This franchise guarantees quality, producing its ice cream in each individual parlour. The Roman one is in via Tuscolana and serves natural ice cream, without preservatives, additives or carrageen (an emulsifier that’s often used in manufactured ice cream that may be cancerous). There are many flavours to choose from but we recomend the Crema Biolée, or the Chocolate Hazelnut with Meliga Biscuits. The Biolée ice cream is deliciously creamy.

Via Tuscolana, 853. Tel.  06 7612653

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 11am to 11pm. Friday to Sunday 11am to midnight. Facebook


Gelato Baciato

Gelato Baciato Roma

Since its opening a year ago Gelato Baciato, the small gelateria in this family-friendly district has refreshed the palates and livened the spirits of all who have entered on their afternoon or evening stroll. The space is modern and bright, with black and shiny tiling and boxes of fruit on the shelves that tempt you to choose a fruit salad with ice cream, or pick from the many different ice cream tubs.  Stefano Brasili makes all the ice cream, while Gianfranco Pontilli, the creator and owner, helps prepare delicious semifreddi and other treats such as sweets like Sicilian brioche served with ice cream and cream (4.50 euros), cannoli and ice cream cake. Stefano told us how he makes the Pesto di Pistacchio by grinding frozen pistashios to keep their strong flavour, and how he does the same for the Hazelnut Pesto and Fig. There’s even a Cream from Bologna flavour which is made in honour of a great Bolognese ice cream maker who taught Stefano the art, and also to remember the original place where the traditional gelato came from, made with milk, lemon rind and egg yolks. For seasonal fruit flavours you can try the Fig, Peach, Melon, Coconut, Mango, Siracusan Lemons, or even the Citrus. Then there’s also Liquorice, Stracciatella with Chocolate Shavings, Almond from Avola, Ricotta with Pear & Cinammon, Salted Caramel, Piedmont Hazelnut and last, but not least, the house Gelato Baciato which is made with pistachio cream and raspberries.

Price per kg: 20 euros

Cone/cup with two flavours: 2 euros

Gelato Baciato, Largo delle Sette Chiese, 12. Tel. 3357103300. Open every day from noon until 11pm/midnight. Facebook

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