Where to brunch in Rome: from American-style pancakes to smoothies and pastries

Where to brunch in Rome: from American-style pancakes to smoothies and pastries

Where to brunch in Rome. Read on for our picks of the best restaurants and cafes serving brunch on weekends – from Eggs Benedict to American-style pancakes.


Queen Makeda Grand Pubqueen makeda brunch

You can enjoy an international brunch at Queen Makeda in via San Saba. Every Sunday you can go on a culinary journey and taste dishes that take inspiration from the East, Northern Europe and North America. At the large central table you’ll find artisan sausages and wurstel, dishes from the wok, noodles, salads, eggs, homemade tarts, vegetables and baked potatoes. There’s also the option of a Sunday roast lunch in true British style, which includes beef, chicken, lamb, pork and Yorkshire puddings. Don’t miss the desserts, the 40 different beers available, the juices and the tasty nonalcoholic drinks. On the Children’s Menu (it’s also worth mentioning that there’s an area where they can watch cartoons) you’ll find burgers. chips, tomato pasta and hot dogs.

When: from 12.30pm to 4pm on Sundays

Price: 19 euros excluding drinks, 10 euros for the Children’s Menu

Queen Makeda, via di San Saba 11, Rome. Tel. 06.5759608 Facebook




Coromandel, located very near to piazza Navona has a rather special brunch menu. This cafe tries to recreate the feel of a cosy 1950s home which is perfect for the Autumn season. If you fancy English-style eggs or pancakes for breakfast, then this is your place. On the menu you’ll find: simple eggs (4.50 euros), omelette with roast potatoes and sausage (12), and either pancakes with bacon and maple syrup (10), scrambled eggs, maple syrup and icing sugar (10), or sweet pancakes with chocolate and hazelnut sauce, banana and flaked almonds (10). To drink you can enjoy smoothies (5), and there’s also yogurt and fruits (5-7) available.

When: from 11am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday.

Price: varies

Coromandel, via di Monte Giordano 60/61, Rome. Tel. 06.68802461 Facebook



dolce brunch

For a New York-style Sunday brunch, head to Dolce, the restaurant and bakery in via Tripolitania (in the Africano district). The kitchen is transformed into a bakery with a menu brimming with international cuisine. From eggs to pancakes (9 euros), or even to sandwiches (11-12 euros), sweet and savoury are placed side by side. You can choose between an omelette with three fillings of your choice (mushrooms, spinach, avocado, mozzarella, turkey, and pancetta, to mention just a few) for 11 euros, or for the same price you can enjoy an eggs Benedict, Royal or Natural, on toasted bread baked in-house.

When: from 12pm to 3pm on Sundays

Price: choose from the à la carte menu

Garden or outdoor seating: Yes

Dolce, via Tripolitania 4, Rome. Tel. 06.86215696 Facebook



ketumbar scorcio locale

In Testaccio, Ketumbar’s organic brunch, served on Saturdays and Sundays, is the talk of the area. There’s a buffet ranging from antipasti to cakes and pastries, that changes seasonally. There are also many different soups, cous cous, dark taragna polente, fritters, hummus, cod au gratin, granary focaccia, salads and vegan dishes. The menu is accompanied by organic wine and artisan beers. At Ketumbar, brunch is also baby-friendly. There’s a children’s menu and an entire space dedicated to young children, who are cared for by qualified minders.

When: from 12.30pm to 4pm Saturday and Sunday

Price: 15 euros, drinks not included (10 euros for children, minders included)

Ketumbar, via Galvani 24 Rome. Tel. 06.57305338 Facebook


Atlas Coelestis

eventi roma aprile 2016

Here at Atlas Coelestis you can choose between ten different dishes, from antipasti to dessert, which change weekly. This year there are also roselline di pizza (baked pizza in the shape of roses) to taste, as the restaurant has reopened its pizza oven and serves pizzas in the evening that are made with wholewheat flour. On the Children’s Menu you’ll find three different options for the main meal and ice cream instead of dessert.

When: from 12.30pm on Sundays

Price: 30 euros with a drink included, 20 euros for the Children’s Menu

Atlas Coelestis, via Malcesine 41, Rome. Tel. 0635072243 – 3393982535 Facebook



brunch mavi

At Mavi you can enjoy a brunch that’s a little different – part buffet, part à la carte. On the buffet you’ll find eggs, savoury pancakes, and many different salad recipes, while from the menu you can order dishes such as burgers, bagels, cakes and sweet pancakes. It costs 20 euros either way and includes americano coffee, water and fruit juice.

When: from 1pm to 4pm on Sundays

Price: 20 euros

Mavi, lungotevere di Pietra Papa 201, Rome. Tel. 06 558 4801 Facebook


Porto Fluviale

porto fluviale brunch

In the Salotto district there’s a buffet brunch on offer at Porto Fluviale, a crowded Ostiense restaurant hidden amongst the various alleyways decorated by Roman street art. Here there are around 60 dishes on offer: hot and cold pasta dishes, soups, raw salads and cooked vegetable dishes, meats, and cheeses served with a variety of tasty dips and sauces. Don’t forget to try the delicious pastries and cakes.

When: from 12.30pm to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays

Price: 19 euros, not including drinks

Garden and outdoor seating: Yes

Porto Fluviale, via del Porto Fluviale 22, Roma. Tel. 06.5743199 Facebook




If you feel like spending the weekend outside in a huge garden suitable for children, Rosti al Pigneto is the place for you. The choice of dishes on the buffet change weekly. For starters you can tuck into the gnocchi with tomato and basil sauce, cannelloni with ricotta and tomato, ravioli with burrata, tomato and basil, or vegetarian crepes. For main course there’s seasoned meat balls, veal steak with mushrooms, roast pork with honey, turkey nuggets with yoghurt and mustard, anchovies marinated in tarragon and chilli, or cod balls with tomato. There are many different salads to choose from and hot and cold side dishes. Don’t forget the desserts, you can enjoy rum babà, cream and chocolate tart, strawberry pie, plum cake with chocolate shavings, ricotta and fig tart, or chocolate muffins.

Time: from 12.30pm to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays

Cost: 20 euros

Garden and outdoor area: Yes

Rosti al Pigneto, Via Bartolomeo D’Alviano 65, Rome. Tel 06. 2752608 Facebook



doppiozero brunch

Here at Doppiozero you can enjoy a tasty brunch that benefits from its the onsite bakery. The buffet at the weekend includes pasta, pizza (many different types), olive bread, cous cous, salmon, meat, buffalo mozarella, and baked goods such as muffins and brownies. The price includes water and coffee.

Time: from 12.30pm to 3.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays

Cost: 16 euros for adults and 12 for children on Saturdays, 20 euros for adults and 15 euros for children on Sundays (drinks not included)

Garden and outdoor area: Yes

Doppiozero, via Ostiense 68, Rome. Tel. 06.57301961 Facebook


‘Na Cosetta 

na cosetta brunch

In this Italian bistro in Pigneto, ‘Na Cosetta, in via Ettore Giovenale, you can enjoy brunch, otherwise known in Italian as the ‘colanzo’. Dishes are both sweet and savoury and stick to a true Italian style with a few of the chef’s special touches. Pastries and cakes are made by pastry chef Stefania Guerrizio.

When: from 12.30pm to 4pm

Cost: 12 euros, or 15 with a drink

‘Na Cosetta, via Ettore Giovenale 54, Roma. Tel. 06.45598326 Facebook Event



Brunch misto

Another brunch spot in the Africano district, Misto serves club sandwiches, pancakes, muffins, salads, and seasonal fruits made into juices and smoothies. You can choose one dish from a choice of three: the club sandwich, fillet of salmon or veggie sandwich and then add either pancakes or a salad, then choose between a savoury muffin or Scottish scone, and select  a fruit juice. Kids can enjoy either a savoury muffin or Scottish scone, pancakes, fruit salad or orange or blueberry juice. We also recommend trying one of the alcoholic fruit cocktails, such as Sol Levante (sakè, tomato juice, salt, pepper, soy sauce, wasabi sauce, lemon, and ginger) for 7 euros, or a pomegranate spritz (6).

When: from 11.30am to 3.30pm on Sundays

Cost: adult menu 16 euros, kids menu 11 euros

Misto, via Fezzan 21, Rome. Tel. 06 45471971 Facebook Event


Ciclostazione Frattini

brunch ciclostazione frattini

If you’re on the hunt for a place in the Portuense district where you can sit outside and let your kids run about, Ciclostazione Frattini should be your go-to brunch spot. A restaurant, pizzeria and grill, here the whole family can have fun in the Baby Garden and Baby Park (indoors). The menu includes more than 30 options, ranging from fresh artisan pasta such as lasagne and ravioli, to homemade cakes and desserts – tiramisù, babà, ciambellone. There are main courses such as meat and fish dishes, soups, cooked vegetables, salads, and cheeses. You can also order from the à la carte menu instead of the buffet.

When: from 12.30pm to 3.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays

Cost: adult menu 20 euros, kids menu 12 euros, drinks not included

Garden and outdoor area: Yes

Ciclostazione Frattini, via Pietro Frattini 136/138, Rome. Tel. 06/5503707 Facebook



Il Bistrot delle Officine Farneto

officine farneto brunch

Every Sunday you can tuck into a tasty brunch at the bistro in Officine Farneto, in via Monti della Farnesina. The dishes range from homemade fresh pasta to meat and fish courses, cooked vegetables and desserts. We recommend the freshly prepared burgers.

When: from 12.30pm on Sundays

Price: 18 euros for adults, 9 euros for children, drinks not included

Garden and outdoor area: Yes

Il Bistrot delle Officine Farneto, via dei Monti della Farnesina 77, Rome. Tel. 0690286945 Facebook

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