Food Tours in Rome: Trastevere, October 26th, 2017

Food Tours in Rome: Trastevere, October 26th, 2017

Food Tours in Rome Wanted in Rome & Puntarella: Trastevere, October 26th, 2017 Brought to you by Puntarella Rossa in collaboration with Wanted in Rome, a brand new food tour that will let you discover and explore the alleys of the city center. Combine the sights and sounds of the ancient city of Rome with a chance to sample its excellent food.

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Food Tours in Rome Wanted & Puntarella: Trastevere


The appointment is at the Forno Campo dè Fiori, which for over thirty years has offered its customers top quality products.

Here we will discover the flavor, the history and the secrets of Roman baking. Have a taste of a crunchy white pizza with extra virgin olive oil, a slice of nuts and raisin bread and a slice of sour cherry and almond paste pie, a traditional sweet of the Romano-Judaic cuisine.

Forno Campo dè Fiori

After a leisurely stroll through the market, we will go down the streets of the old town to the other side of the Tiber, where we will be dining in one of the coolest restaurants in the city, Eggs, the Trastevere bistrot devoted to the egg. Here, together with chef Barbara Agosti, we will prepare the best Carbonara in Rome. A main course, based on egg and pork cheek, served in a glass bowl and complemented by a glass of the best Lazio wine.

carbonara 2

Our gourmet walk will continue to Zum, the Roman laboratory of Tiramisu, in the splendid Piazza del Teatro di Pompeo. Here we will taste and find out how the real Tiramisu is prepared, with sugar, organic eggs, mascarpone and savoiardi prepared daily.

tiramisù zum

We’re in Italy and the tour can’t end without the best roman coffee of the Roscioli Caffetteria. There,you will be greeted with a 100% Arabica coffee extract and an italian dessert from their historic laboratory.

Roscioli Caffè

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Food Tours in Rome Wanted & Puntarella: Trastevere
Practical information

Meeting Point: 11.30 at the Forno Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Campo de’ Fiori 22

Stops: Forno Campo de’ Fiori, Eggs, Zum, Roscioli Caffè

Max Group Size: 15

Day: 26 ottobre

Start Time

Duration: 3 hours

Languages: english

Price: €75 per person


Info mail:

Info mobile: 3334148307

The Guide: Federica Pompa

Registration fee: subscription fee must be paid through bank transfer to Puntarella Rossa bank account, IBAN numer: IT98X0558403201000000000654. Payment receipt must be sent as an attachment to the e-mail, indicating “Food Tour Trastevere” as the object, name and surname.

Food Tours in Rome Wanted & Puntarella: Trastevere

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