Avocado Bar Rome, the first Italian eatery serving the exotic fruit in smoothies and as burgers

Avocado Bar Rome, the first Italian eatery serving the exotic fruit in smoothies and as burgers

Avocado bar Rome, the new restaurant in Monti, serving avocado on toast, as burgers, and in smoothies and milkshakes, salads and tacos. Head there for tasty sweet and savoury dishes. In the wake of the worldwide trend, the first Italian eatery to be totally dedicated to the avocado will open in Monti, the heart of Rome. The aptly named Avocado Bar, devised by a group of young chefs, will serve a menu that’s entirely centred around the green fruit from South and Central America. They are open every day through from breakfast until dinner time, and you can even take your food away or have it delivered to your house. This first space in Rome will be the first of many new Avocado bars, others having already been announced in Milan, Naples and Bologna.

avocado bar roma

Avocado Bar Rome is located in Rome’s historical centre, in via Madonna dei Monti. It’s a location suited both to avocado lovers and to the many tourists visiting the nearby Coliseum. It is scheduled to open at the end of June and from then on will be open every day from morning until evening.

avocado bar roma

So, what can you eat? Avocado in all it’s many shapes and serving styles, obviously. Starting with smoothies and milkshakes for breakfast, moving on to a quick lunch of avocado on toast or mini burgers, and then to the more substantial dinner dishes. The menu is still being given the final touches but it’s clear that the green fruit will be the principal ingredient of the bar’s Roman kitchen. The prices will vary from 5 euros to 10 euros according to the type of ingredients used in each dish.


While Avocado Bar Rome will have a proper bar and cafeteria, there will also be different tables where you can either eat quickly during your lunch break, or more comfortably for a leisurely dinner. There will also be a delivery service available from the moment of opening.

Avocado Bar Rome, via Madonna dei Monti, opening at the end of June 2017. Facebook

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