Where to eat fresh fish seated outside in Rome, the best restaurants

Where to eat fresh fish seated outside in Rome, the best restaurants

Where to eat fresh fish seated outside in Rome, the best restaurants 2018. We’ve put together a list, divided into categories, of our favourite restaurants in Rome where you can sit outside and enjoy delicious fish dishes, whether you’re on a budget or looking for a special meal.

Where to eat fish seated outside in Rome

Contemporary trattorie 

Banchina 63 – Prati A delightful and modern bistro with a ‘fish bar’ and tables outside. Via Emilio Faà Di Bruno Roma – Tel: 06 9412199

Santeria di mare – Pigneto Here in a relaxed restaurant in Pigneto you can enjoy a tasty fish supper that’s very high quality but also unpretentious. Via del Pigneto 209 Tel 0689230730

Pesci brilli – Porta Pia A trattoria serving fish in an informal ambience and outside seating. Serves traditional fish dishes. See the website hereVia Ancona 43 Tel 0644249846

Osteria 140 – Historic Centre This restaurant just gets better and better each year and now even has chef Mirko Campoli in the kitchen. There’s not an outdoor area as such but a interior courtyard which is a little stuffy. It’s definitely worth a visit (even if it’s a little pricey). Via dei Banchi Vecchi 140 Tel 068765 6724

Sushi and other creative fish restaurants

Madre – Rione Monti Here you can sit on a beautiful outdoor terrace in Rione Monti, out of the way of the busier streets, and enjoy a very special menu of both gourmet pizzas and grilled fish. While on the expensive side it’s a lovely spot if you don’t mind breaking the bank. Largo Angelicum 1 Tel 06 6789046

Coropuna – Pietralata A very trendy restaurant with a great outdoor space serving exotic recipes and ceviche. Head here for the dj sets. Via di Pietralata 149 B Tel 327 7385881

Low Cost

Bar sotto al mare – Vatican A laid back and well known fish restaurant. Excellent service and superbly fresh fish dishes. Via Tunisi 27 Tel 06 39728413

Peppo al Cosimato – Trastevere Having opened just this year (2018) in via Natale del Grande, this trattoria (run by the same people as Caffè Perù) serves a simple menu of pizzas and popular Roman fish recipes (N.B the pizza is better than the fish). Via Natale del Grande 9 Tel 06 5812048


Waraku – Prenestina You can sit outside on a lovely terrace at this restaurant which is serving the latest trendy food, ramen. Via Prenestina 321 Tel 06 21702358

Pop up

magick bar roma

Magick Bar – Prati For years this has been a favourite spot amongst young Romans who come for the live music and dj sets, but now there’s a restaurant too! Here you can tuck into sushi and ceviche out on the beautiful terrace on the Tevere. Lungotevere Guglielmo Oberdan 2 Tel 388 7978412

Terrazza Parrasio – Gianicolo A stone’s throw from Trastevere, out on the terrace this summer you’ll find excellent chef Massimo Riccioli serving specialities. Via di Porta San Pancrazio 32/a. Tel 06 87770139


Ottavio – San Giovanni A restaurant from another era but which, thankfully, still exists today. Ottavio serves extraordinary fish dishes and delicious raw fish, ‘crudi’. There’s even a lovely outdoor area not far from the San Giovanni basilica. Being popular with families and professionals means the prices are fairly high but the service is excellent. Via di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme 9 Tel 06 702 0520

Tempio di Iside – Esquillino Here in via Merulana you’ll find a restaurant that’s been around for many years. We recommend sharing a few of the huge plates of raw fish. Via Pietro Verri, Tel 06 77204025


Livello 1 – Eur An elegant restaurant in what was originally a fish market, this is quickly becoming one of the best known restaurants in Rome amongst fish aficionados. Unusual and creative dining. Via Duccio di Boninsegna 25 Tel  06 503 3999


Oysteria – Battistini/Boccea Moderate prices and a relaxed atmosphere in this small restaurant in Battistini. Their speciality, obviously, is oysters. Via Mattia Battistini 166B Tel 06 627 7371


Zuma – Historic Centre This Japanese restaurant branded by Fendi has been the talk of the town. Here you can eat contemporary izayaka dishes and drink delicious cocktails sitting out on the beautiful terrace. Via della Fontanella Borghese 48 Tel 06 9926 6622

Serving more than just fish

Eggs – Trastevere Here trying the huge plate of raw fish named ‘Il Nudo e Crudo’ which includes prawn tartare and both Russian and Italian caviar is an absolute must. The restaurant has recently moved to a new address with a lovely terrace. Via Natale del Grande 52 Tel 06 5817281

Perpetual – Merulana This creative and very modern restaurant only opened a few months ago. It’s a little on the pricey side but you can eat outside in the piazza Iside. Piazza Iside 5 Tel 06 6936 7085

Per me – Historic Centre Chef Giulio Terrinoni never needs to be introduced, and neither does his food. And so we whole heartedly recommend you visit Per Me at least once (but it will cost you). Vicolo del Malpasso 9 Tel 06 687 7365

Molto – Parioli An elegant and possibly slightly too luxurious restaurant on viale dei Parioli with a stunning inner courtyard. Viale dei Parioli 122 Tel 06 808 2900

Traduzione a cura di Corinna Parker

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