Tonda, pizza with love

(the italian version) Inaugurated the 18 of July in the Montesacro area, here is a pizzeria we are going to hear a lot of buzz about. Because its part of that small, happy family of places where the pizza is treated with love, studied and presented in classic and more adventurous forms. It is not a surprise that Pizzera Tonda offers two well-known specialties with are noted: the mythic trapizzini of 00100 and the Greenwich and Cacio and Pepe pizzas of Sforno. The dough is the right texture and is well-cooked; the quality of the ingredients and as well as the décor and the pleasant space all add up to a special night.

The space is simple and colored, as you can see: yellow, blue and green walls, like the tables and cups. Paper napkins with the very red logo of the Pizzeria Tonda.

The sumptuous Greenwich, the extraordinary pizza with mozzarella, Stilton and a Port reduction (12 euro). Delicious and with an appealing appearance.

A classic Roman specialty, suppli, crushed by an impatient fork (2 euro).


The register and space where the mythic oven of this pizzeria is to be found: it is not an oven like any other; rather, it was designed to be seen by Stefano Ferrara with bricks from Sorrento and sand from Vesuvius.


The trappizini (the fillings vary- from chicken alla cacciatore to roman tripe, picchiapo) are 4 euro. The bruschetta al pomodoro is 2,5. Suppli are 2. The onion Focaccia is 6. Pizza with cacio and pepper is 12. The Greenwhich is 12. Pizza Boscaiola (with mozzarella mushrooms and sausage) is 9. The gorgonzola Pizza is 9 as well. The Pizza with mozzarella di bufala and pachino tomatoes is 9, 5. The classic Margherita Pizza is 7, 5. An upscale version, the margheritissima (with fior di latte mozzarella, parmesan, basil, and tomatoes) is 8,5. The Pizza Capricciosa is 9, the Napoli 8, 5 and the Diavola 9.

Dessert: Lemon sorbet, Mango Sorbet, Pistachios from Bronte all come to 5.



And the votes from Puntarella are:

Kitchen: 7, 5

Atmosphere: 7

Service: 7

Bonus: The pleasing décor, the nice locale, and the young and attentive staff.

Malus: It’s a little far for those who live in the center, though it is well worth the trip. The prices are a little higher than the normal pizzeria.


Translated by Alida Borgna

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