Eggs Rome in Trastevere has a new space (with outdoor seating)

Eggs Rome in Trastevere has moved to via Natale del Grande 52. Tel 065817281. Eggs first opened in March 2017 and after serving tens of thousand plates of carbonara and egg recipes the eatery, which has received positive reviews from customers and critics alike, has now moved into a bigger space.

The concept

The concept behind Eggs stays the same: a return to gourmet food made with the finest ingredients which fuses tradition with innovation. The idea has also been to contribute to the regeneration of the Trastevere district which, over the years, has become too tourist-focused and lacking in restaurants that are popular with locals. The original concept, born from a collaboration between the artisan tiramisù shop Zum and Puntarella Rossa, is to create a menu principally inspired by free range hens’ eggs as well as quail and ostrich eggs. And then there’s the seafood side of the menu with caviar and tuna roe.

The Egg Garden and Organic Eggs for Sale

To guarantee the excellence of the produce, Eggs decided to create an Organic Egg Garden which includes a hen house. All the vegetables used in the kitchen come from Arianna Vulpiani’s Bio Farm, located a few kilometres outside Rome. The restaurant now also sells organic eggs in collaboration with Camille, Peppovo and Paolo Parisi. Artisan pasta comes from Le Marche-based pasta-makers Mancini.

The new restaurant: opposite the ex Cinema America

The new restaurant can seat over 60 and includes both an ample bar and a lovely terrace on via Natale del Grande, opposite the ex Cinema America. The idea is to keep the same feel as the original restaurant and recreate its friendly and comfortable vibe.


Run by extremely creative chef Barbara Agosti, the new menu is more elaborate and intriguing than ever. There’s still, obviously, the Carbonara Menu, and don’t miss the playful and very popular Game of Eggs and the Strapazzini, fried, golden carbonara pasta served on an ice cream stick to take away. But there are also new dishes on the menu, recipes that have eggs as their core ingredient, such as the Orecchie d’elefante, the terrine of hen’s eggs, the Roma-Milano (rice mixed with carbonara sauce), gigantic ostrich eggs and the Transumanza, three dishes of cacio e pepe, gricia and carbonara.

Tartare, sea urchins and ‘Bread, butter and caviar’

There’s now even a part of the menu dedicated to the ‘crudi‘ (raw antipasti), Nudo e Crudo, including sea urchins, oysters and prawns. Then there’s also the ‘Bread, butter and caviar’ option served with the crudi or as a larger serving. You can also try Italian horse meat from Giaversi and one of the rarest organic caviars from Russia.

The design: from Portugal to Trastevere

The interior of the restaurant manages to recreate the same feel that gave the original Eggs its name. Simona Iucci, artisan interior designer, came over from Portugal to transform the new space in via Natale del Grande. The walls and hanging lights are the colour of mascarpone, inspired by tiramisù shop Zum, one half of the collaborators behind the restaurant. ‘From the old Eggs’ says Simona Iucci, ‘I wanted to still keep the bar as the focus, as it’s there that you can see the menu being prepared. And so I designed a bar, still made of metal, but this time of iron: subtle and smooth, to contrast against the curves of the decor’.

The lighting and some of the tables and chairs were designed by Simona and made in a prison in Linhó in Portugal with the help of two Romanian inmates, Flavio and Romeo, skilled craftsmen who have been helping with similar projects for the last 5 years. In their workshop in the prison, the lights were made using found and recycled materials in metal and wood. The lamp at the entrance of Eggs is a one-off piece, like all the installations on the walls. The tables and the floorboards are made from teak wood. The terrace outside can seat 20.

The wine list

A great number of new wines have been added to the extensive wine list, it now featuring around seventy different varieties ranging from large to small artisan and organic producers. There are notable winemakers such as Lis Neris, Teriano, Allegrini, Vietti, Pico Maccario, Bressan and Oddero. But there are also smaller producers such as Claudio Quarta and Montecappone and organic producers like Cirelli, Ciro Picariello, Vodopivec, Fillippi, Roccalini. And don’t forget the local Lazian wines: such as Giangirolami e Mottura, fun and modern wines from Tognazza and from Habemus in San Giovenale and Omina Romana.

In the new Eggs there’s space too for spirits and liqueurs on the drinks menu. Grappas from Berta and Capovilla, Japanese whiskey Nikka, Lecompte Calvados and Clément rum from Martinica. Don’t miss the Kok Eggs Spritz, a traditional spritz made with Cocchi Rosa.

Eggs, via Natale del Grande 52, Roma. Tel. 06 581 7281 Facebook

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