Eggs Rome: breakfast and carbonara at Trastevere’s new bistrot

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Eggs Rome, Trastevere: breakfast and carbonara  Tel: 065817363We’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s us (Puntarella Rossa) behind Rome’s new restaurant that’s totally dedicated to… Eggs. Out of what was once Pianostrada, in vicolo del Cedro 26, comes the product of a pairing between artisan tiramisù bottega Zum and Puntarella Rossa. Eggs will be our base: a central spot where Puntarella will have its home, putting on talks, events and meetings.

Eggs is open every day from 8am until 4pm, and then 6pm to 11pm. Come along to find out what’s on offer.

Eggs Rome: eggs and carbonara in Trastevere

Eggs Roma uovo al tegamino

Eggs Rome. The egg, in all its shapes, sizes and serving styles is Eggs’ unquestionable star. On our menu you’ll find hens’ eggs, small, delicate quails’ eggs, enormous ostrich eggs, caviar and even sea urchin eggs (an Italian delicacy).

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At Eggs Rome the focus will be on both the space itself and on the quality of the products. In all our dishes we will only use organic, freerange eggs. With this in mind we have chosen premium eggs from the likes of Paolo Parisi, Peppovo and L’uovo and La canapa.

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The space. The restaurant itself, which was kindly given to us by the people behind Pianostrada (who have now moved to via delle Zoccolette) has not been drastically changed. But Eggs has added a contemporary touch, it’s small but comfortable with a modern edge.

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The menu and the carbonaraIt goes without saying that there is carbonara on the menu. But to make it well you need the highest quality ingredients, the skills, and, of course, passion. That’s why we have decided to create Italy’s first, totally unique, Carbonara Menu. A special menu dedicated to the staple of Roman cooking, it will offer ten variations on a theme, because while tradition is important, cooking must also be original and experimental.

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On the main menu there will be all the classic egg recipes, from fried to scrambled eggs, but that won’t stop us getting creative. There will be gourmet dishes such as ‘Eggs at 64 Degrees’ with chicory and bagna càuda and ‘The Egg Game’, a tasting platter in six parts, ranging from a quail’s to an ostrich’s egg and even to caviar with chives.

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The wines. On the wine menu you will find about thirty fine wines, including quite a few sparkling wines which are paired perfectly with eggs. There is also a selection of natural, filtered wines on offer from small producers that only use natural yeasts and don’t add chemicals,. The best way to discover artisan wines is to try to forget the familiar tastes and flavours we‘re all accustomed to, which is in keeping with Puntarella Rossa’s philosophy.

The partnership between Puntarella Rossa and ZumPuntarella Rossa is Eggs Rome’s official partner. Born from the artisan tiramisù deli Zum, Eggs will also put on events and meetings with local producers and chefs.

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The staff. The kitchen will be managed by Barbara Agosti, the chef behind Ritrovo del Gusto. She is also part of the team behind Zum, along with Laura Iucci and Dominika Kosik.

Eggs, vicolo del Cedro 26, Roma.
Open from 8am to 4pm, and from 6pm to 11pm. Tel. 065817363.
Instagram: @eggs_roma

*Traduzione a cura di Corinna Parker

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