Where to eat along the Roman coast: fresh seafood in Ostia, Fregene and Fiumicino

Where to eat along the Roman coast: fresh seafood in Ostia, Fregene and Fiumicino

Where to eat along the Roman coast – restaurants in Ostia, Fregene and Fiumicino. When you want to escape from the stuffiness and confusion of the city, don’t forget to pack your swimming costume and then head straight to beaches near Rome. Here you can tuck into a huge plate of fried seafood or a mouthwatering dish of spaghetti alle vongole (clam spaghetti). Read on for the ten restaurants to know about along the Roman coastline, from Baia to Pascucci al Porticciolo, where you can feast with a wonderful sea view.


Da Rosario in the Albos Club

mangiare litorale romano rosario albos club fregene

Da Rosario is the Albos Club’s restaurant in Fregene, and here on the 1950s-style terrace with huge glass windows leading onto the swimming pool and the beach, you will find fresh fish that is very carefully prepared. Some examples from the menu: kamut linguine with Roman courgettes, cuttlefish and roe tuna (18 euros), ravioli pasta stuffed with salted cod with cacio e pepe (18 euros), or a plate of shellfish catalan-style (25). Don’t miss the raw fish dishes such as the sea urchins, oysters and salted cod carpaccio with vegetables and caramelized onions (18).

Rosario, Albos Club, via del Levante 54, Fregene (Rome). Tel. 366 238 6289. Facebook.


La Baia

mangiare litorale romano la baia

La Baia is the most popular of the fish restaurants in Fregene – it’s a sort of mecca where Romans take a break from the city and eat fresh fish in the lovely outdoors (for lunch or dinner, closed on Mondays). You should start with a raw fish dish (from 10 to 30 euros), then move on to a starter such as the fish carbonara with smoked sword fish, mussels and pecorino (15) or the Gragnano linguine with amberjack fish and roe tuna (16), and then continue with the silver scabbardfish with shallots and toasted pinenuts (16) or the unsalted cod with a sweet tomato broth (16.50). To reinvigorate yourself in the summer heat choose a dessert from the menu, such as the raw cheesecake with passion fruit (7). At La Baia’s bar you’ll find Remigio who during the summer months opens up a branch on the beach where every Friday, with a dj-set soundtrack, you can make a toast with a flute of champagne.

La Baia, via Silvi Marina 1, Fregene (Roma). Tel. 06 6656 1647. Website. Facebook.


Osteria dell’Orologio

mangiare sul litorale romano osteria dell'orologio

If you’re in Fiumicino it’s definitely worth paying Osteria dell’Orologio a visit, a restaurant run by chef Marco Claroni in a building built by architect Valadier. Here fish is the heart and soul of the menu. Selected directly from local fishmongers you can enjoy: caesar salad with the catch of the day (16 euros), raw red drum fish in a tomato and strawberry soup with a marinade of bufalo mozzarella milk and cucumber (16), ravioli pasta stuffed with crab in a spiced broth of coconut milk, asparagus and cassava (16 euros). And for your second course, try the greater amberjack fish with a cacciatore-style sauce and potatoes, or the tuna cooked in black tea with chard, bufalo mozzarella milk and loquat fruit (22). As for dessert, we highly recommend the carrot cake with English custard and orange sorbet.

Osteria dell’Orologio, via della Torre Clementina 11, Fiumicino (Rome). Tel. 06 650 5251. Website. Facebook.



mangiare litorale romano controvento

At the Controvento restaurant you can feast outside in the fresh sea air with your feet in the sand, both at lunch and dinner time. Shaded by beach umbrellas you can tuck into the fresh fillet of the day served with gazpacho, ricotta cream and crunchy salt (10 euros), spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) (13) or a tuna steak with black poppy seeds and soy sauce, served with a Bloody Mary (18).

Controvento, via Silvi Marina 37A, Fregene (Rome). Tel. 06 6656 3327. Website. Facebook.



mangiare litorale romano rosmarino

In addition to Rosario at the Albos Club, in Fregene you’ll also find Rosmarino. The restaurant is divided into three separate areas each with a different vibe, separated by white partitions in a minimalist style. First there’s the Pagoda, the cafeteria serving artisan produce that comes from the Roscioli bakery’s oven (open from breakfast time until the aperitivo hour), then there’s the Beach Restaurant, which is self service and run by chef Pasquale Torrente (open from 12pm until 3pm) where you can enjoy quick bites or more creative cuisine such as the aubergine parmigiano with fish. Don’t miss the many fried treats: fried anchovies, or anchovies fried stuffed with provola cheese, fried aubergine balls and supplì. The last area is the wine bar overlooking the sea, which opens from 6.30pm. Here you can tuck into cold fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, run by Corrado Tenace. This is the place to taste succulent oysters and locally caught fish, or even delicious local meats and cheeses. The wine list is curated by Enoteca Trimani, and there are lots of events during the summer months.

Rosmarino, Lungomare di Levante 42 Fiumicino, Tel. 3669020495. Website and Facebook.


Ugo al Villaggio

mangiare sul litorale romano ugo al villaggio

Ugo al Villaggio, the restaurant within the Marine Village, has a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea and a menu that changes daily. The cuisine is centred around classic Mediterranean fish dishes with a creative flair. You can enjoy antipasti such as fish tartare on a bed of panzanella salad with Maldon salt crystals (18 euros), or a first course such as Ugo’s fettuccine pasta with mussels, pecorino and chickpea cream (15). For the second course we recommend the seared squid on a bed of smoked aubergine, with a tomato confit and breadcrumbs (18) and the classic mixed fried seafood (16). For dessert, try the white chocolate caprese tart with limoncello custard (7).

Ugo al Villaggio, Via Litoranea km 10,100, Ostia, Tel. 06.91908178, Website.


Pascucci al Porticciolo

mangiare sul litorale romano pascucci al porticciolo

If you’re in the mood for a more gourmet fish menu (which is slightly more pricey) then head to Pascucci al Porticciolo. Here the chef Gianfranco Pascucci prepares excellent dishes such as red tuna tartare with runny egg and mustard (20 euros), spicy noodles with lupin beans and a prawn and lime sauce (22) and crisp red mullet with marsala foie gras, raspberries and hazelnuts (25). Don’t miss out on trying one of the desserts from the vast menu, such as the lemon and thyme sorbet with green herb granita and sprinkling of tomato (14).

Pascucci al Porticciolo, viale di Traiano 85, Fiumicino (Rome). Website.


Seu al Plinius

mangiare sul litorale romano seu al plinius

Maybe, when the sun’s setting over the sea, you suddenly feel like a delicious pizza? From the first of June until the end of September, young chef Pier Daniele Seu is serving pizza at Plinius. The pizzeria will be open every day from 7.30pm until 11.30pm, serving typical Roman snacks such as supplì, crocchette and salted cod in batter as well as, of course, pizza. There are the classic pizzas (costing between 7 to 10 euros), the focaccia (from 5 to 15 euros) and the special ‘Seu’ recipes, such as the ‘Margherita Gialla’ with yellow cherry tomatoes, smoked provola cheese and fresh mint (10 euro) or the ‘Fior di cotto’ with fior di latte cheese, ham and taggiasca olives (10).

Seu al Plinius Ostia, Lungomare Duilio 17 Ostia. Tel. 3274137031. Facebook


La spiaggia dei Coqui

mangiare sul litorale spiaggia dei coqui

If you don’t want to give up on pizza and traditional Roman cooking when you’re at the seaside, then head to Fregene and to Spiaggia dei Coqui. Here there is plenty to enjoy, from pasta dishes such as carbonara, gricia (like carbonara but without egg) to succulent roasted piglet or even to tiramisú. We also recommend the ‘pizza di Callegari‘ (served at lunch or dinner time) cooked in a wood-fired oven, and the trapizzini panini (see image above) which you can take away.

La Spiaggia dei Coqui Fregene (Roma), Lungomare di Levante, 72, open all year for lunch and dinner. Tel. 066680975. Facebook



mangiare sul litorale romano glauco

At Glauco, not far from the Villaggio dei Pescatori, the summertime spaghetti must be enjoyed sitting comfortably on their outdoor veranda overlooking the sea. The best dishes on the menu include the bruschetta, the spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams), and the fried octupus. The restaurant is open for lunch from 12.30pm until 4.30pm every day, and for dinner from 7.30pn until midnight, from Friday to Sunday.

Stabilimento Glauco, Lungomare di Ponente 73, Fregene. Tel. 06 6196 8354. Website. Facebook.

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