Milan Design Week 2024, where to eat during the Fuorisalone

Milan Design Week 2024, where to eat during the Fuorisalone, in Brera, Solferino, Tortona, and Porta Venezia. The vibrant and creative atmosphere of Milan intensifies during the design week when the city becomes the global center of innovation, aesthetics, and inspiration. From April 16th to 21st, 2024, Fuorisalone 2024 will animate the entire city. In addition to captivating design exhibitions, Milan offers an extraordinary culinary experience that reflects the same passion for aesthetics and creativity.

Design Week 2024 is an opportunity to journey through the unique flavors and atmospheres of the city’s best restaurants, bistros, and cafes. Here are the venues that skillfully blend taste and design to create unforgettable gastronomic experiences. Zone by zone, ideas and inspirations for taking a break during the days of Milanese design. Reservation required.

Milan Design Week 2024, where to eat

Eggs – Solferino – Brera

Ovosodo Eggs Design Week 2024 Fuorisalone

It is Barbara Agosti’s new restaurant open from March 8, 2024, following in the footsteps of Trastevere’s Roman Eggs and in partnership with Puntarella. A modern and pleasant place that offers a different gastronomic experience from the usual. The menu, very refined and structured, revolves all around eggs in all its forms. There is a Carta delle carbonare, with twelve variations: the classic (15 euros), plus versions with artichokes, with black truffle, with ‘nduja and stracciatella. There is also the 1954 recipe, the first one published by Cucina Italiana with garlic, gruyere and bacon. And a vegan version, called “La Carbonara che non c’è,” made with water-and-flour tonnarelli, pumpkin cream, sun-dried tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, and herbs. Dishes to try include Gioco dell’Ova and Strapazzo.

For design week 2024, Chef Agosti offers Ovosodo (9 euros). Which is not a hard-boiled egg, but a dessert, which is as close to perfection as it gets. Because it combines an impeccable design, with the candidly white oval of Leghorn chicken eggs, with a pleasant and delicate flavor, built with a mousse of Greek yogurt and white chocolate and an interior with mango cream.

The wine list is particularly rich and original. There are not the usual labels, the big commercial brands, but an in-depth proposal, with many natural and artisanal wines, refermented, macerated and unobtainable bottles. For those who do not drink alcohol, non-alcoholic beer and kombucha.

Eggs Milano, via Solferino 35. Reservation. Il sitoInstagram

Trattoria del Ciumbia – Brera

On Fiori Chiari Street, the heart of the Brera Design District, we find Trattoria del Ciumbia, the third sign of the Triple Sea Food group (Vesta, Casa Fiori Chiari). The restaurant is inspired by the traditional Milanese osteria revisited with a contemporary twist. Everything is reminiscent of the Old Milan of the 1960s and 1970s when the neighborhood was a landmark for intellectuals and bohemians. Chef Paolo Rollini is in the kitchen, and the menu features iconic Milanese dishes such as risotto (19 euros), bone-in rib-eye steak (37 euros), tripe and Valtellina snails stew (17 euros), mondeghili (9 euros) and cassoeula (19 euros).

Trattoria del Ciumbia. Via Fiori Chiari 32. Milano. Tel: 0249596056 Sito web Instagram Facebook

Caffè Fernanda – Brera

Caffé Fernanda, the delightful bistro café at the Brera Academy, is The perfect place to stop by after a tour of the Brera Design District. Dedicated to Fernanda Wittgens, the visionary director of the 1950s, it has a style that harks back to Milanese bon ton and displays great works of art drawn from the Brera collection. On the menu, the “small kitchen” offers first courses (all 14 euros) including eggplant parmigiana, carbonara, gnocchi alla romana and malloreddus.

Caffè Fernanda. Via Brera 28. Milano. Tel: 3450504846 Sito web Instagram Facebook 

Caciara – Porta Venezia

The restaurant has a design inspired by the Mediterranean futurism of the 1930s and 1950s, with original advertising graphics and vintage chandeliers. The menu celebrates traditional Italian dishes with high-quality ingredients sourced from local artisans, while service includes dishes prepared at the table. Such as Scostumata, amatriciana prepared with only ingredients from Amatrice, which is flambéed directly at the table (24 euros); Cubamisù (12 euros), a dessert that is enjoyed with a Cuban cigar and, in your ears, the sound of the Caribbean island. Among the appetizers to try is the pan pizza, also in vegan and gluten-free versions.

Caciara. Via Alessandro Tadino 5. Milano. Tel: 3513428456. Sito web Instagram Facebook

Milan Design Week 2024, where to eat

Al Fresco – Tortona

al fresco milano glicine

Strategically located for a break between exhibitions at Fuorisalone 2023, inside a former twentieth-century factory, this restaurant in which industrial style meets bohemian elements is perfect for enjoying unusual and surprising dishes that combine Mediterranean ingredients with a fusion-style cuisine (we told you about it here). Menu: appetizers range from the 13 euros of Sicilian-style vegetable caponata and basil crumble to the 26 euros of red shrimp Catalana and pink grapefruit marinated king prawns. Among the first courses, handmade tortellacci of red shrimp and yellow date coulis at 27 euros and rigatoni with cacio cheese, Madagascar black pepper and crispy guanciale at 15 euros. On the main courses menu grilled fillet of sea bass with small eggplant Parmigiana (27 euros) and veal chop at 29 euros.

Al Fresco. Via Savona 50. Milano. Tel. 02 4953 3630. Sito Instagram

10_11 (Ten Eleven) – Portrait – Quadrilatero

Portrait Milano, Lungarno Collection’s newest landing place, has already entered the city’s good living room, in part because of its carefully curated and very warm design. Casual dining has the talented Alberto Quadrio at the helm. The cocktail bar is also very nice.

10_11 Portrait Milano. Via Sant’Andrea 10. Milano. Tel: 02 367995850. Sito web Instagram Facebook

Cortile Flora – Moscova

Tra i locali di design da provare durante il Fuorisalone c’è anche Cortile Flora, in zona Moscova. Un piccolo giardino nascosto dove è possibile fare brunch, pranzo e aperitivo. Il brunch costa €35 a persona e include una bevanda (alcolica o analcolica), uno starter, un main, dessert, caffè e te. Le proposte per l’aperitivo includono sfizioserie e cocktail raffinati, mentre a pranzo trovate burger e bowl ma anche piatti caldi e freddi più tradizionali.

Cortile Flora. Via Alessandro Flora 7/A. Milano. Tel 39 345 69 69 495 Sito web Instagram

Aimo e Nadia BistRo– Magenta

Aimo and Nadia Bistrot, on Via Magenta, is the meeting point of two vanguards: the gastronomic excellence of the two founders and the artist objects of Rossana Orlandi. The restaurant team led by Stefania Moroni with chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani has conceived a bistrot, a more simplified and accessible format than the haute cuisine of Aimo and Nadia’s Luogo. Objects from the gallery, textiles and wallpapers by Etro did the rest and BistRO was born, without the final “t” and with the ending “RO” which stands for, needless to say, Rossana Orlandi. On the menu: Capunét with Piedmontese Fassona, bagna càuda, balsamic vinegar of Modena (23 euros) Pan brioche caldo, mazzancolla del Mar Tirreno, lardo di Colonnata, puntarelle (22 euros), buckwheat lasagnetta (25 euros), pork shank (28 euros).

Aimo e Nadia BistRo. Via Matteo Bandello 14. Milano. Tel: 0248026205 Sito web Instagram Facebook

ZAÏA – Darsena

ZAÏA è un elegante salotto gastronomico che trasporta i commensali in un viaggio attraverso i sapori mediterranei, immersi nell’atmosfera rilassata di un club internazionale. Situato all’interno del boutique hotel Aethos Milano, gli ambienti sono stati progettati da uno studio di interior designer di Barcellona. Lo stile è contemporaneo, ricercato ed elegante. I piatti di ZAÏA prendono ispirazione dai gusti delle vivaci strade di Tel Aviv, della Puglia e di Beirut, esplorando le radici della cucina mediterranea con un tocco contemporaneo. Nel menu si trovano Capesante al beurre blanc con caviale di storione, gli Agnolotti del plin ai 4 brasati con spuma al timo e vino rosso, e per concludere in dolcezza, la Mousse al cioccolato con mandorle e champagne.

ZAÏA. Ventiquattro Maggio 8. Milano. Tel: 02 89415901 Sito web Instagram

Milan Design Week 2024, where to eat