Restaurants near Duomo Milan, where to eat (including low cost)

Where to eat near the Duomo in Milan dove mangiare

Restaurants near Duomo Milan, the Cathedral. Where to eat (including low cost). Eating downtown in any city is a risk. Because venue rental costs are high, and restaurant prices rise as a result. And because downtowns are usually deserted by locals and frequented mostly by tourists. Which produces an unattractive combination: touristy, low-quality, high-cost restaurants.

Where to eat near the Duomo in Milan restaurants

But this is not always the case, and it is demonstrated by the case of Milan, where the surroundings of Piazza del Duomo are becoming a good place to eat well. There are great gourmet and fine dining restaurants (Horto, Spazio, Verso), but also quality trattorias (Ciciarà), pizzerias (Sorbillo) and street food of various kinds. Given the effervescence and the many recent new openings, we thought of a small guide for those who are in or around the Duomo and want to eat well, without getting ripped off. At the end of each block is the walking distance to the Duomo. (here top tourist attractions)

Restaurants near Duomo Milan

Flavio Alvelavevodetto – Osteria romana

Quality Roman restaurant, a spin off of an eponymous, and celebrated, eatery in the capital, Testaccio. The owner is Flavio de Maio, who self-certifies, with Roman pride, as “the king of carbonara.” King he is not, but the restaurant is of quality, one eats very well and one feels good. Eighty seats inside and forty in the outdoor area. On the menu, the classics. Trippa alla romana (10 euros), rigatoni alla gricia (10), coda alla vaccinara (14).

Flavio Alvelavevodetto, via Festa del Perdono 1, tel 02 9286 3557 – 8 minutes’ walk from the Duomo

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Ciciarà – Modern Osteria

ciciarà milano sala

In the center, you can not only eat well, but also very well in one of the most popular new openings. At least by us, who gave it a Puntarella d’oro 2023. At Ciciarà (we told you about it in full here), you feel good, in a warm, informal, relaxed, bright environment. Menu at once reassuring and original. A few examples: cheese from Borgo Affinatori (10 euros), mocetta di pecora and giardiniera (10 euros), tagliolini with black truffle (30 euros), spaghetti catalogna and Sardinian pecorino (15), roast donkey with choice of side dish (20), tagliata di toro with choice of side dish (22), roasted savoy cabbage and Jerusalem artichoke (17).

Ciciarà Milano, Piazza Santo Stefano 8. Tel 02 8417 8681 – Open for lunch and dinner (closes at 10:30 p.m.), closed Monday and Sunday evenings – 7 minutes’ walk from the Duomo

Cantina Piemontese – Regional restaurant

cantina piemontese milano

A contemporary osteria with a nice lively atmosphere and solid Piedmontese cuisine. Prices not modest but not exaggerated either. On the menu, lentil soup (14), castelmagno and black truffle risotto (20), brandacujun (24), vitello tonnato (22). Cover charge: 4 euros

Cantina Piemontese, via Laghetto 2, tel 0039-02784618 – 8 minutes’ walk from the Duomo

Langosteria Café – Glamour

langosteria cafè milano bancone

As they say, “a dynamic and transformative location.” It is one of the venues of the successful brand, which has become increasingly luxurious and trendy over time. For a glitzy and (very) moneyed youth. However, it must be said, there is good food. Watch out for the wine.

Galleria del Corso 4, tel 02 7601 8167. 1 minute walk from the Duomo

Signorvino – Winebar

Signorvino Roma Barberini

Mr. Calzedonia’s well-known chain has a Duomo view location. You can sit in the dehors and admire the Candoglia marbles. One eats and drinks, in that happy intuition that is a “chain” of wine shops. Not our favorite, we like small, original wine bars with artisanal and independent wines, but Signorvino is a good compromise if you want to be in the middle of downtown.

Via Pattari 2, tel 02 8909 2539. 1 minute walk from the Duomo

Restaurants near Duomo Milan

Wagamama – Japanese

Ramen, noodles, pollo Wagamama Bicocca Milano

A Japanese restaurant chain started in London in 1992, boasting over 200 locations (one is opening in Porta Garibaldi). They serve ramen, teppanyaki, meat and vegetable donburi, gyoza and noodles.

Via San Pietro all’Orto 11, tel. 8 minutes’ walk from the Duomo

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Giacomo Arengario – Restaurant

Foto da Giacomo Arengario

Deco architecture for a historic building, home of the Museo del Novecento, and a name – Giacomo – that connoisseurs of “bourgeois” (if you want to call it that) Milanese gastronomy know well. Wonderful view from the terrace. Prices, too, high and panoramic: caprese 18 euros, tuna tartare 28 euros, seafood salad 30 euros, tagliolini with white truffle 85 euros, spaghetti with clams 25 euros, mixed fried fish 35, schnitzel 35.

Via Marconi 1, tel 02 7209 3814. 1 minute walk from the Duomo

Spazio by Niko Romito – Fine dining restaurant

Niko Romito Cappelletti

One of Italy’s greatest chefs, one of the most solid haute cuisine venues. The restaurant, open since 2015, is on the fourth floor of Il Mercato del Duomo, Autogrill’s project dedicated to Italian dining and gastronomy in the city, overlooking Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Piazza Duomo. The price, contrary to expectations, is high but not exorbitant. Here the menu. A few examples: riso al salto 18 euros, tagliatelle cacio e pepe 18 euros, lamb from the Murgia 26 euros, desserts 13 euros, bread 3 euros. Menu at 65 euros

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza del Duomo. 02 878400. 2 minutes’ walk from the Duomo

Verso – Fine dining restaurant

nuove aperture verso milano duomo

Verso is the new project of the Capitaneo brothers, with a fine dining restaurant in the Galleria: 28 covers that enjoy a privileged view of the kitchen, to see the work of the chefs. The décor, designed by Andrea Langhi, is modern and plays on the contrast between black mirrored glass tables, red velvet seating and wooden parquet floors. The menu offers several a la carte dishes, such as the Golden Scallops with foie gras, Polignano carrots and saffron (35 euros), through to first courses including Spaghetti with crab and marasciuoli (30 euros) and main courses, including Agnello lucano with Custoza broccoletto and Senise peppers (45 euros). It is also possible to opt for a tasting: 130 euros for six different dishes.

Verso, Piazza Duomo, 21, Milan; Tel.02 897 509 29 Open daily from 12:30 to 2:30 pm and 7:30 to 10:30 pm, closed Tuesdays. 2 minutes’ walk from the Duomo

Horto – Fine dining restaurant

horto milano

Horto opened in September 2022. The mastermind is South Tyrolean multi-starred chef Norbert Niederkofler (who just closed his St Hubertus), who assisted by executive chef Alberto Toè chose to come to the heart of Milan, among the elegant buildings of the historic center. The two menus offered for dinner are 145 euros for 5 courses and 195 for 7 courses, respectively, while at lunch you can sit down at Sole, Horto’s bistro, where for 50 euros you are brought a dish of your choice from the evening menu accompanied by salad, water and coffee.

Horto, Via San Protaso, 5, Milan; Tel. 02 36517496; Website, FB page.
Open daily, closed Sundays – 5 minutes’ walk from the Duomo

Frades Porto Cervo – Fish

Foto pagina FB Frades Milano

A corner of Sardinia, indeed of the French Riviera in Milan. An elegant and refined restaurant dedicated to fish and typical Sardinian recipes, with a touch of glamour. Here the menu. A few examples: shrimp crudo 26 euros, artichoke salad and tuna roe 22 euros, fregula with red shrimp brodetto 26 euros, malloreddus with kid 26 euros, suckling pig 40 euros. Dessert at 12 euros.

Via Mazzini 20, tel 391 386 3232. 5 minutes’ walk from the cathedral

Ciacco lab – Ice cream

Gelato Milano estate 2021 - Ciacco

After two stores in Parma, Stefano Guizzetti in 2014 landed in Milan with his gelato “senz’altro,” meaning without additives, locust bean flour, colors or whipping agents but with quality raw materials. Among the most popular is the Quasi Cheesecake, with fresh robiola from the dairy, sanded pistachios and raspberry jam. Ciacco Lab does not stop at the canonical ice cream: on special occasions it is possible to taste “gastronomic ice cream,” or Stefano’s original creations, such as the Sorbetto all’olio evo della Liguria with fassona cheese tartare or the Sorbetto al ragù.

Ciacco Lab, via Spadari, 13; Tel. 02 3966 3592; Website, FB Page – 8 minutes’ walk from the Duomo

Sorbillo – Pizza

Sorbillo is either loved or hated. After a period of boundless celebration, the haters have arrived, to say that basically this Sorbillo is all communication and no substance. As is so often the case, the truth lies in the middle, and in particular it lies in that tomato and mozzarella disc we call pizza. Definitely superior to many pizzas around, albeit not always exciting.

Largo Corsia dei Servi 11, tel 02 4537 5930 – 7 minutes’ walk from the Duomo

Giardino di Giada – Chinese

Giardino di Giada Milano

A historic Chinese restaurant, reliable Cantonese cuisine and dated ambiance. A classic since the 1980s. Menu here. Tasting menu at 55 euros.

Via Palazzo Reale 5, tel +39 02 805 3891 – 4 minutes’ walk from the Duomo

Restaurants near Duomo Milan

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