Affordable street food in Rome: eight places to try in Monti (with prices and menus)

Fehu Monti Roma bruschetta

Affordable street food in Rome, eight places to try in Monti (with prices and menus). Rione Monti is a very charming area of Rome that’s only two minutes from the Colosseum. Loved by both Romans and tourists, it’s full of great places to eat and many fun bars. We’ve put together a list of the best places to enjoy a bite to eat without having to sit down at a formal restaurant and spend a fortune.

Affordable street food in Rome

Tacos & Beer

Here you can tuck into tacos, burritos and nachos, washed down with an ice-cold beer or glass of tequila. All the above cost 5 euros for a portion, a Coca Cola is 2 euros and a Peroni 2.50. You can also order take out on Just Eat.

Tacos&Beer, via del Boschetto 130, Rome. Tel. 06 9437 5366 Facebook

Zia Rosetta

At Zia Rossetta you can order one of the ten different gourmet panini on offer. The small panino costs 2-3 euros, the regular between 4.50 and 6. In this tiny eatery you can also try one of their excellent smoothies or juices (4 euros). You can also order take out via their website.

Zia Rosetta, via Urbana 54, Rome. Tel. 06 3105 2516 Facebook

Avocado Bar

The first restaurant to serve a purely avocado-based menu, this place offers a menu of international street food dishes such as the Camaron Wrap (prawns, guacamole, sweet corn and salad) for 6 euros, the summer tartare (avocado, melon and cucumber) for 10 euros; or the avocado toast for 7 euros. You can order take out from Foodora.

Avocado Bar, via della Madonna dei Monti 103 Roma. Facebook

Ami Pokè

Italy’s first Hawaiian bar Ami Pokè serves fresh diced fish seasoned with salt and anchovies. Appetisers start at 7 euros, the Classic Pokè, with rice, salmon, avocado, edamame and soya beans, costs 10 euros. It’s a small restaurant with a bar and a couple of large tables with five or six stools.

Ami pokè, Via della Madonna dei Monti 38 Rome. Facebook

Pizza Trieste

This pizza place opened up in Monti straight from Pescara in Abruzzo three years ago and it’s still the talk of the town. The prices depend on what you’re in the mood for but you can have a slice for as little as 2.50 euros. We recommend the pizza with sausage.

Pizza Trieste, via Urbana 112/113, Rome. Tel. 06 481 5319 Facebook


This is an lovely spot for some delicious food and for a look at the array of beautiful plants and herbs (which are all for sale). We highly recommend the fassona beef from Piedmont (10 euros) and the Gravlax (10 euros). There are also many salads to choose from and a tasty chickpea dish (all 6 euros).

Aromaticus, via Urbana 134 Roma. Tel. 06 488 1355 Facebook

Crèpes Galettes

At Crepès Galettes you can be transported all the way from Monti to Brittany. There are a number of galettes on the menu, as well as savoury crèpes which can be made to order. They are cooked in front of you and made with organic buckwheat. There are four or five (uncomfortable) stools where you can sit if you’d like to eat in. Prices start from 5 euros.

Crèpes Galettes, via Leonina, 21/A Rome. Tel. 389 668 3360 Facebook


fehu monti roma

This little eatery centres its menu around bruschetta. There are many versions to try but our favourite is with stracciatella, ‘Favola’ mortadella and pistachio pesto. You can also order cured meats and cheeses. This is the perfect spot for aperitivo or a quick supper. There are craft beers available and some interesting wines. Open for lunch and dinner until 11pm.

Via del Boschetto 129, Rome. Tel  069432 3142. Facebook

Affordable street food in Rome

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