New restaurant openings in Rome June 2018, Trastevere’s comeback with Zia, Eggs, Peppo al Cosimato and Otaleg

New restaurant openings in Rome June 2018. From Umami and Le Palmerie to Barnaba and Maybu (to name just a few) there are a huge number of new restaurants opening this June. Trastevere seems to be the centre of it all, finally managing to shake off its reputation of being a tourist trap full of uninteresting eateries. The ever-popular Eggs is now reopening in a much larger setting, as is Zia, run by Antonio Ziantoni. Peppo al Cosimato, the trattoria with a cuisine based around peasant fish dishes (born from the bar Perù) opens its doors, as does another shop of the excellent ice cream parlour Otaleg (there’s also still Evo a Trastevere and I Pizzicaroli). In other news, one of Rome’s most beautiful restaurants, La Veranda (featured in La Grande Bellezza) has closed.

Opening soon

Pirò The Pirola family are the owners of Taverna Trilussa in Trastevere. They are now opening up a fish restaurant in Vitolo della Cancelleria, a stone’s throw from piazza Navona. Only fish is served as well as typical Roman starters.

Peppo al Cosimato In Via Natale del Grande opens another fish restaurant focused solely on typical peasant dishes, with an emphasis on an aperitivo formula. Find yourself a spot next to the the well known pizzeria Ficini, one of the first in Rome, along with neighbouring restaurants Ivo la pizza and all’Obitorio.

Salvatore Di Matteo Le Gourmet Soon to open is a pizzeria run by one of the most famous Neapolitan pizza chefs. It will be intriguing to see what type of pizzeria this will be, as it’s said ‘Le Gourmet’ will be a very luxurious and fancy dining experience…

Gino Sorbillo There’s been no more news after the original announcement in La Repubblica about the opening in ‘zona Porta Pia’ of the most acclaimed pizzeria, Sorbillo. We will see if it opens later in the summer.

Il Marchese Opening in June 2018 in via di Repetta Il Marchese will be both an osteria and an ‘Amaro (bitter liquor) Bar’.

Profumo Caffè Sensoriale An unusual name for a rather bizarre concept because Profumo is a ‘sensory cocktail and tapas bar’. It will seat four hundred and will also spill out into the large park outside.

Voglia Also opening in June is this pizzeria run by Davide Del Duca. This is a rather special project as this eatery will be secretly tucked away within a private villa with its own park.

Just opened

Eggs A must for those who love a traditional carbonara or indeed fancy trying the 10 other variations on the menu, Eggs has just opened in its new space, much bigger than the original restaurant, with a bar inside and a terrace. The menu has been added to and now there’s also a large selection of new tartare, with even caviar included.

Zia Antonio Ziantoni, who has worked for a good while with Anthony Genovese at Paliaccio, has decided to open up his own place. He also decided upon Trastevere in via Mameli. There’s a simple menu with five antipasti, five starters and five mains. The prices are moderate and at lunchtime there’s a 25 euro menu.

Forme In Frascati, Forme Osteria, run by young Roman chef Alberto Mereu has opened.

Zero Pizza Having opened in April in piazza Re di Roma this place defines itself as ‘the first pizzeria with a contemporary Roman style‘. The ambience is indeed modern but there’s nothing particularly unusual about the selection of classic pizzas served by the slice.

Marinella And while we’re on the subject there’s also Marinella, another Roman pizzeria. Here we have another example of the ongoing trend for sliced pizza. The pizza here is indeed delicious, cooked in the ovens at Castelli in Pigneto and then served on wooden boards made in the Dori carpenter’s.

Dopolavoro a San Pietro In via Sabotino is Dopolavoro Prati, a place serving food from breakfast until dinner time. They work with a number of small local producers, whose ingredients are produced at 0 km (they are part of the Slow Food movement). With fifty places to sit inside and around thirty seats outside, it’s certainly worth a visit.

Metropolita A stunning, modern space serving cocktails accompanied by many a dj set in Flaminio, in piazza Gentile da Fabriano.

Craftwork Beer on tap and cocktails from the guys behind Traffic Bar in Centocelle and Blag Brewing. You can also munch on bagels, chips and tasty cuts of meat.

Acciuga This lovely local run by Federico Del Monte, the chef behind Fano, serves only tasty fish dishes.

Palazzo Merulana This great spot in Esquilino promotes art and culture but also serves gourmet dishes. At breakfast and lunch time there’s a lively bistro.

Club Après This speakeasy in Prati sprawls over two floors. Here you can listen to live music and enjoy cocktails by Valeria Bassetti.

Casa Prati A must for those wanting to try typical Roman recipes for €11 a dish in a modern setting.

News from existing restaurants

Perpetual This restaurant serving food of the highest quality (with prices to match) is soon to launch Bistrot, serving a menu that’s much more affordable.

Pantaleo This restaurant is renovating and changing its menu.


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