Breakfast with a view in Rome: five breath-taking bars and cafes, from Colbert’s at Villa Medici to Caffè Ciampini

colazione con vista a roma colbert

Breakfast with a view in Rome. While we may know Rome’s beautiful views very well, we never tire of them. So why not indulge in breakfast en plein air on the terraces and in the gardens of Rome’s bars and cafes? Of course, as always with beauty there’s a price to pay, so be prepared to pay through the nose for a picture-perfect view with your morning coffee. Read on to find out about five spots where you can enjoy a Roman panorama with a breakfast of croissants, coffee or even delicious cakes, if you’re feeling greedy.



Gran Caffè La Caffetteria

colazioni con vista roma gran caffè la caffetteria

How about an orange juice, or even better, a croissant (or sfogliatella) with a view over Tempo di Adriano (Hadrian’s Temple) in Piazza di Pietra? If you’re so inclined, take yourself off to Gran Caffè la Caffetteria (which moved to Rome from Naples back in 1991). Here you can begin your day with a breakfast of Neapolitan coffee (1 euro), cappuccino (1.50) and pastries (1.20). They certainly don’t skimp on traditional Neapolitan sweet-treats either, there are babà, pastiera, sfogliatelle and crostate. That just leaves you with the problem of deciding whether to sit at the bar, or at the little tables outside, or (if it’s really raining) inside on one of the many couches and sofas.

Gran Caffè La Caffetteria, piazza di Pietra 65, Rome. Tel. 06.6798147. Facebook


Caffè Ciampini

colazioni con vista roma caffè ciampini

The historical Caffé Ciampini reigns supreme over the piazza Trinità dei Monti and here, as well as enjoying a calming view you can choose your breakfast from a vast array of sweet-treats and coffees. The prices rise steadily, going from 3.50 for an espresso to 4.50 for the Ciampino coffee with espresso, chocolate, crema di latte and cinnamon sprinklings, then 2.50 for a croissant. We must give a special mention to the mouth-watering sour cherry jam. There’s also the Ciampini breakfast: a basket of fresh pastries, toasted bread, a selection of jams, honey and butter (10.50 euros).

Caffè Ciampini, Piazza Trinità dei Monti, Rome. Website. Tel. 06-6785678



colazione con vista a roma

For breakfast at the bistro Colbert, on the Pincio hill in the inner courtyard of the Villa Medici, you will find all manner of creations from the patisserie Fonderia,  where an entire space is dedicated to pastries and cakes in its cafeteria and kitchen (open from 10am until 7pm). Chef Arcangelo Dandini rules the roost and is widely known to be the king of the Roman supplì. Here the view alone is worth a visit, not to mention the terrace, planted with rose bushes and lemon trees, where you can sample a truly rustic breakfast of pain au chocolat, omelette and specially made cakes.

Colbert, Villa Medici, Viale della Trinità dei Monti 1, Rome. Website. Tel. 331 123 0260


Caffè Capitolino

colazioni a vista roma terrazza caffarelli

You can find the Caffè Capitolino on the Caffarelli Terrace, the top floor of the Capitoline Museums. You can reach it both from Piazzale Caffarelli and from the Campidoglio staircase, and while you may choose to sit inside, you can also enjoy the view from the external terrace looking over the many domes and rooftops of Rome. For breakfast (available from 9.30am) you can enjoy a coffee (2.20) or cappuccino (3 euros), together with croissants (2.50 euros) or cakes and tarts (4.50 euros).

Caffè Capitolino, Terrazza Caffarelli, Piazza Caffarelli 4, Rome. Website Tel. 06 69190564


Terrazza Posh

colazioni con vista roma terrace posh bar

If you are the type to eat breakfast by the poolside, ideally with a view of the Piazza della Repubblica and Terme di Diocleziano, then the place for you is at the very top of the Exedra Hotel. Terrazza Posh is a restaurant and bar where you can indulge in breakfast (from 9am) right until the aperitivo hour. You can wake up with a coffee served with biscuits and mini croissants (5 euro), or choose a small pastry or cakes from the à la carte menu. There are also specific breakfast menus available on request.

Terrazza Posh, Hotel Exedra, piazza della Repubblica 47, Rome. Website Tel. 0648938061

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