Mariolina: ravioli, meatballs and geniality in Rome’s Monti neighborhood

mariolina esterno

Mariolina in Rome's Monti neighborhood. A small restaurant bursting with amiability, already packed with diners even just days after its opening. Mariolina is the most recent newborn of that vague category of Roman "street food". It's not exactly a restaurant (with just a few tables that are, unfortunately, rather uncomfortable), nor is it a sandwich shop, and its not even (thank goodness) the umpteenth hamburger joint. At Mariolina one can find three dishes of remarkable quality: the ravioli, the meatballs and the extraordinary cheeses and salamis

mariolina marzia

The restaurant owes it's charm and quality to three key players. Starting with the promoter, the tireless Marzia Greco, archeologist of Cirò Marina, who for some time managed the eatery, Counter in via Merulana. She is the front woman of Mariolina, and the person responsible for the vibrant atmosphere that we breathe in.

mariolina ravioli zucca e provolone

Another name that counts is Mauro Secondi. Nothing more must be said than that he is the owner of the excellent pasta shop Pastificio Secondi in Casilino. Naturally, it is he who makes the ravioli.

mariolina salumi

And last but not least, Vincenzo Mancino, who become known for Dol and Pro Loco Dol: we will only tell you to try the charcuterie at Mariolina (12 euro) and you'll understand perfectly.   

mariolina salumi 1

Mariolina opened shop at the end of September: a little door of antique wood and a happy sign 'Mariolina' introduces us into the first room where there is an open-kitchen with a cart of salami and cheeses from Dol and fresh-made ravioli (also available for take-away).

mariolina interni

In the same room there is a table for six to eight persons and a table for three, both with high-stool seats. It's not the most comfortable, but it's pleasant (watch out for the air conditioner over the table for three).

mariolina locale interno

Three additional seats follow bar-style along the wall. Dominant colors are green and red.  

mariolina ravioli coniglio

Let's get to the ravioli. We tasted first off the rabbit and asparagus ravioli with a pesto of sun dried tomatoes and pistachios (8 euro). Great texture. And if these are sprinkled with sun dried tomatoes, they are real winners.

mariolina ravioli maiale

Other stuffed-treats available: pork, sun dried tomatoes, walnuts and wild fennel (8 euro); baccala and potatoes with cherry tomatoes and toasted black olives (9); ravioli Mariolina, with anchovies, sheep ricotta and mint with potatoes and shallots (9); ricotta and spinach with a fresh tomato sauce (7.5); and lastly (one of the best) the pumpkin and provolone cheese with rosemary olive oil and a parmesan cream sauce (7.5). 

mariolina polpette di melanzane

But not just the ravioli shine here. At Mariolina there are three types of meatballs: the extraordinary eggplant and parmesean with a tomato and basil sauce (7); beef with sun dried tomatoes (9); or mullet in a vegetable sauce (8). Amongst the other plates: the mille-feuille of pumpkin, the savory ricotta, the terrine of anchovies with orange, and the chicken terrine.   

mariolina polpette


For desserts: the Mariolina cake (5 euro), carrot cake (4), and a warm cheesecake with chocolate fondant (4).  

Recommended dishes: Eggplant meatballs and all raviolis

For those who like: Colline Emiliane

The good: Fair prices, happy atmosphere, high quality of products

The bad: Mariolina does not yet have an administrative liscense, and so they use plastic cups, paper plates, and have no service staff (but this will be acquired in no time).

Food: 7

Atmosphere: 7

Service: 7

Hours: From 11am to 4pm, and from 6pm to 10pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Mondays. Open on Sundays.


Mariolina (Monti), via Panisperna 222A. Tel. 06.64463859 Facebook Page

Translated by Marybeth Tamborra