The best aperitivo in Rome: ten cocktail and wine bars to know about

The best aperitivo in Rome: if you love swirling fine wines around your glass or have a Masters in Aperol Spritz Tasting, then you read on to find out about the best bars for aperitivo in Rome. At these ten addresses you can enjoy cocktails, wines or craft beers and tuck into cured meats, cheeses and canapés, or even fill up on a delicious buffet.



etablì roma migliori aperitivi

For an aperitivo in the historic centre, head to Etablì, a restaurant and wine bar near Piazza Navona. Amid wrought-iron chandeliers and stone doorways from the fifteenth century, you’ll be wowed by the delicious wine sold by the glass, excellent spritz, classic cocktail recipes and the bartender’s special concoctions such as Il Fedele’s with disaronno amaretto liqueur, kahlua coffee liqueur, lemon juice, and chocolate shavings (9 euros). If you feel peckish that you can taste the cured meats and cheeses with fresh and dry fruits, honey and olive paté (from 10 to 18 euros), or there are even a variety of cheeses available that don’t contain lactose and are locally produced, served with jelly (10 euros).

Etablì, vicolo delle Vacche 9, Rome. Tel.06 97616694. Website. Facebook



Chorus cafè migliori aperitivi roma


If you’re a fan of the art of cocktail making and you like splashing out at the aperitivo hour, we recommend heading to the second floor of the Auditorium della Conciliazione where you’ll find Chorus Cafe, the cocktail bar run by Massimo D’Addezio. Here you can enjoy the Chorus hour, where every day from 7pm to 9pm you can try the ‘cocktail d’autore’ and canapés for 12 euros, or have a look at the wine menu that boasts, other than a variety of fine wines, a selection of ‘biodynamic Triple A’ wines (standing for ‘Agricoltori’ (Farmers), ‘Artigiani’ (Artisan), ‘Artisti’ (Artists). As for other nibbles, we recommend the selection of meats and cheeses served with chutney and walnut bread.

Chorus, via della Conciliazione 4, Rome. Tel. 06 6889 2774. Website. Facebook



locarno Roma migliori aperitivi

At Locarno, the lounge bar at Hotel Locarno, you’ll find a small Liberty-style bar not far from Piazza del Popolo, which is currently being refurbished and reopening in August. Here, aperitivo is served each evening to your table. There are excellent cocktails created by bartender Nicholas Pinna and small plates to enjoy in the outside area or on the terrace with a view over the rooftops of Rome (an area only open in the summer months). An example from the cocktail menu – the Roma Bracciano with Bitter Campari, Carpano Antica Formula, Zucca liqueur, and Orange Bitter (15 euros).

Locarno, Hotel Locarno via della Penna 22, Rome. Tel. 06 361 0841. Website.



collegio migliori aperitivi roma

Collegio is a new wine bar in Piazza Capranica run by the Santarelli family. The bar consists of two areas; there’s the bar area with tables and the wine cellar, and then also a little deli. To accompany the many wines, liqueurs and cocktails, there are the dishes from the deli and tasty surprise aperitivo plates made by the chef. The wine, mixed drinks and liqueur menu is very large and detailed, and it’s also worth taking your time to decide whether you might fancy a little truffle mortadella with Vacche Rosse parmesan (16 euros) to go with your drink, or even a ‘Berardi’ di Amatrice cold cuts selection with mortadella from Campotosto, liver salsiccia, ventricina salami from Poggio Cancelli, salami from Aquila, and spicy smoked salami (20 euros). For those who prefer a more substantial aperitivo, the best option is to really go for it and choose a selection of starters, sides and treats from the main menu.

Collegio, Piazza Capranica 99/100, Rome. Tel.06 69940992. Website. Facebook


Caffè Propaganda


cafè propaganda migliori aperitivi roma

At Caffè Propaganda there’s both a cocktail area where you can eat from a menu that accompanies drinks by Patrick Pistolesi, and a dining area. In the cocktail bar area you can order a drink and then taste various small plates such as carbonara tortello pasta (9 euros), and Parisi eggs served sunny side up (9 euros). There’s also the Hotel Avanguardia (a project created by Bistocchio and barman Patrick Pistolesi), a cocktail menu which identifies various countries with a hotel room and a type of drink. There are the aperitivi for Italy, such as the Martini or the Negroni, and ‘the guest list’, in other words the spirits, which can be enjoyed straight or in delicious cocktail recipes.

Caffè Propaganda, via Claudia 15, Rome. Tel. 06 9453 4255. Website. Facebook



coropuna migliori aperitivi roma

If you’re looking for a trendy sushi aperitivo but want to avoid the classic ‘all you can eat’ option, head to Coropuna, a restaurant serving a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. Every day from 8pm until 9pm you can enjoy a sushi roll and a glass of wine for 10 euros, or a roll and a cocktail for 15 euros.

Coropuna, via di Pietralata 149b, Rome. Tel. 327 738 5881. Website. Facebook


Latteria Garbatella


Latteria Garbatella opened at the end of 2015 as a bistro specialising in fish and meat tartare and carpaccio. With its huge courtyard that opens up onto piazza Geremia Bonomelli, this is the place to stop for an aperitivo. You can indulge in cocktails from the drinks menu such as the Mint Julep with bourbon whiskey, bitters, mint leaves and fruits of the forest. To accompany the drinks you’ll also find mini portions of cous cous, panzanella, and vegetables with pinimonio (an oil dip) which are all included in the price of a drink. If you really want to treat yourself, order the board of cured meats and cheeses from Lazio (12 euros).

Latteria Garbatella, Piazza Geremia Bonomelli 9, Rome. Tel. 06 512 3913. Website. Facebook


The Corner Marco Martini

the corner migliori aperitivi roma

At The Corner, created by the award winning Marco Martini, the aperitivo is a truly gourmet affair. The cocktail bar has a beautiful terraced garden with a Liberty-style decor and drinks are concocted by bar manager Gentili and bartender Matteo Nicolì. The menu speaks for itself; each drink pays homage to a type of cuisine, and costs between 12 and 35 euros. For example, the ‘Cacio e Pere’ with pecorino infused gin, refined sherry, lavender, red pepper, pear purée, lime, chocolate bitters, is accompanied with a pecorino and pear garnish. For those that fancy something a little more classic there is an array of gin and tonic and also spirits, beers, soft drinks, bitters, and a substantial wine menu. As well as drinking you should also try some of the snacks, such as the spiced broad beans and chickpeas and sweet paprika popcorn, or there are even a few dishes specially thought up to accompany the drinks (from 8 to 18 euros): steamed buns with salmon, seaweed soy and sour cream, octopus hot dog with potatoes and n’duja, ‘Le tre ostriche’ (Three-way Oysters) – served raw, with coconut and lemon or with raspberries – and many other dishes.

The Corner, viale Aventino 21, Rome. Tel. 06 45597350. Website. Facebook


Salotto 42

salotto 42 roma migliori aperitivi

The aperitivo at Salotto 42, the meeting point for Roman hipsters, runs from 7pm until 10pm. There’s always lively music and excellent cocktails (from 10 to 12 euros) which are all accompanied by a small plate, or there’s also a small buffet included in the price of the drink. If you’d rather not mix, then choose from the wines (from 7 to 10 euros) or beers (7 euros, by the bottle). The bar is pretty cosy which can encourage you head to the dance floor or even outside, where there’s a view of the Tempio di Adriano.

Salotto 42, piazza di Pietra 42, Rome. Tel. 06 678 5804. Facebook


Il Goccetto

il goccetto roma migliori aperitivi

At Goccetto, the cult address for wine lovers, you’ll find over 800 different labels, both French and Italian, to try in the palazzo built in 1527. Along with the wines there are also delicious meat and cheeses (from 6 to 20 euros), an excellent tiella di Gaeta (a savoury pasta tart) (3 euros), bruschette (3 euros) and other delicious dishes.

Il Goccetto, via dei Banchi Vecchi 14, Rome. Tel.06 686 4268. Facebook

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