Pizza e Tata in Rome, one of the best Neapolitan pizzerias in Tuscolana (with supplì by Dandini)

pizza e tata

Pizza e Tata Rome, a Neapolitan pizzeria in Tuscolana. Neapolitan pizza, Umbrian style and Roman supplì: Pizza e Tata has recently opened in Rome’s Tuscolana district. The new pizzeria is endorsed by Spirito Divino, the multi-award winning pizzeria in Montefalco, Umbria. Unusually for a Neapolitan pizzeria, Pizza e Tata also has a Roman touch thanks to chef Arcangelo Dandini, who offers fried treats from Supplizio

Special pizza

pizza e tata

Pizza e Tata Rome, is the first Neapolitan pizzeria in the capital to be awarded with Gambero Rosso‘s  ‘Three Slices’. Equivelent to the three stars given to restaurants, it’s the best recognition a pizzeria can get! There are two options available: the classic round pizza a canotto (with thick crusts) or the metre-long pizza with a 30cm crust.

pizza e tata roma

The team of pizza makers from Campania, who were originally based at Spirito Divino‘s two restaurants in Umbria (Montefalco and Bevagna) will be managed by Stefano Scisciola (who has won multiple awards for his pizza dough) and Pino Apicella. Alessandro Marano will run the restaurant, among other things.

The restaurant 

pizza e tata

The space, located in the Quadraro Nuovo district, is huge: 300 metres squared, seating 200 people, and divided into two large rooms fitted out with TV screens. The pizzeria will also offer families a (free) babysitting service (as you might have guessed from the pizzeria’s name: ‘Tata’ means babysitter!) for the duration of their meal. There are two sittings at each meal time.

pizza e tata

A large part of the restaurant is surrounded by glass walls, making it a lovely bright space. The restaurant is elegantly designed with wooden tables, minimalist lamps that hang from the ceiling and iron interiors that give it a trendy industrial style.

The menu

pizza e tata

Pizza e Tata Rome’s menu offers a selection of pizzas that you’ll also find at their Umbrian branches, along with a few added specials. There’s a choice between a classic round pizza or pizza by the metre, with are both prepared with natural yeast and flour in true Neapolitan style, leavening the dough for between 24 to 72 hours. The crust is thick and fluffy, while the base is crispy, and all the ingredients are sourced from Campania. There’s fior di latte buffalo mozzarella from Agerola, cherry tomatoes from Piennolo del Vesuvio,  friarielli from Somma Vesuviana and anchovies from Cetara.

pizza e tata

The pizza dough is cooked in a wood fired oven made by expert bakers from Caserta.

pizza e tata roma menu

The menu is priced very reasonably, the pizzas costing between 5 and 9 euros. The menu also offers panuozzo (wood-fired panini), montanarine (fried dough balls), diavoletti (sweet fried dough balls), and casatielli (savoury tarts, typically served at Easter) that cost between 4 to 8 euros. Pizza by the metre – or the so-called ‘di costiera‘ (from the coast) pizza, which is 30cm long – costs between 9 and 15 euros, depending on your choice of toppings. For those that would rather eat something other than pizza, there are also traditional Roman pasta dishes: amatriciana, gricia (like carbonara but without egg), cacio e pepe, and carbonara (9-10 euros).

pizza e tata roma

As we mentioned before, Pizza e Tata Rome will also serve supplì and fried Roman treats made by Arcangelo Dandini. Unlike the Umbrian branches there will also be a selection of artisian beers on offer from the Venetian micro-brewery Cr/ak. And that’s not all – there will also be a ‘pizza sospesa‘ formula, which means that those who would like to can pay for a pizza and donate it to the less fortunate.


pizza e tata roma

Pizza e Tata Roma, viale Spartaco 76-80, Tel. 06764898. Website and Facebook

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