Valentine’s Day Rome 2017, Dinners in the Best Restaurants

Valentine’s day Rome 2017. The 14th of February is not just any other day. So, to celebrate properly on Valentine’s Day, don’t miss the occasion to have dinner out with your significant other. Like always, we won’t leave you alone in choosing the best restaurant. Here are the proposals (continuously updated) for Valentine’s Day dinner in Rome 2017.

Valentine’s Day Rome 2017

Va.Do al Pigneto

san valentino roma 2017

Va.Do Pigneto celebrates Valentine’s Day offering lovers four special dishes outside the menu to spice up your romantic dinner. You go from shrimp tartare with spicy mango chutney (12), to champagne risotto with cold oysters (14), and finish with chocolate mousse and passion fruit (5).

Va.Do al Pigneto, via Braccio da Montone 56, Rome. Tel. 0645553582

Livello 1

san valentino roma 2017

Valentine’s Day in EUR is elegant at seafood restaurant Livello 1. On the menu: Welcome entrée with prosecco and Gillardeau oysters, bread made in house, served with olive oil and an aphrodisiac sauce; antipasto: tempura squid from Formia served with foie gras, apple cardamom ginger chutney, black garlic cloves and pomegranate vinaigrette; first course: cod tortello adorned with broccoli rabe served with swordfish sausages; second: savory tuna pie with avocado and ginger; dessert: Valentine’s Day cocktail with a chocolate heart to be savored together.

Cost: 90 Euro (Wine excluded)

Livello 1, Via Duccio di Buoninsegna, 25, Rome. Tel. 06 503 3999



Among organic dishes and fine seasonal ingredients, at Ketumbar, in the heart of Testaccio, you can find a twofold menu to satisfy your every desire, both traditional and vegetarian. For the first course, you can expect: saffron and vanilla potato puree with crispy onions in a sweet and sour sauce, tonnarelli pasta with whipped cream ocelli butter. Cantabrian anchovies and stracciatella cheese, duck stew with prunes; farro apple crumble with red berries and a white chocolate drizzle. For those who don’t eat meat, the vegetarian menu consists of: saffron and vanilla potato puree with crispy onions in a sweet and sour sauce; passion noodles—rice fettucine with sautéed vegetables and passion fruit; Roman flan with pecorino fonduta from Fossa; farro apple crumble with red berries and a white chocolate drizzle.

Cost: 35 Euro (water included)

Ketumbar, via Galvani 24, Rome. Tel. 06 5730 5338

Per Me

san valentino roma 2017

Starred Chef Giulio Terrinoni, waits for you in Vicolo del Malpasso for Valentine’s Day dinner. On the menu: spicy shrimp chips, Roman cauliflower guacamole, Amberjack Ceviche, oysters, red onion sorbet, gorgonzola bread; pounded red shrimp, passion fruit and caviar; rolled up prawns with wild rice, Jerusalem artichokes, fried ginger; grouper stuffed fagottini, fish stock, tarragon; spaghetti tutti i frutti, grilled turbot, creamed cauliflower, Bottarga, oyster sauce; chocolate puzzle.

Cost: 150 Euro (drink excluded)

Per Me, vicolo del Malpasso 9, Rome. Tel. 06 687 7365


san valentino roma 2017

A menu to toast to love: All the preconditions for Valentine’s Day are at Marzapane. Here is the menu created by chef Alba Esteve Ruiz: cruciferous vegetables, Amberjack, Bellota ham, ricotta and valerian herb, linguine, sundried tomato cream, almonds and basil, black cabbage gnocchi with wild boar black garlic sauce, free range beef, cooked apple; bianco, camomila e vaniglia; mini pastry.

Cost: 80 euro

Marzapane, via Velletri 39, Rome. Tel. 06 6478 1692


san valentino roma 2017

At Ristorante Chinappi the dinner to conquer your love is precisely a base of fish. Here is the menu thought out for the occasion: coconut scallops with onion and lime, mullet carpaccio volpina, anise and fennel; steamed prawns, spinach and passion fruit; San Pietro fillet with potato puree and grape must; maquardo with scorfano fish, red passion fruit.

Cost: 79 Euro

Ristorante Chinappi, via Augusto Valenziani Rome. Tel. 06 481 9005


Secondo Tradizione

san valentino roma 2017

Quality products are the foundation of the dishes presented on the Valentine’s Day menu at Secondo Tradizione, in the Prati neighborhood.  You will find: fried oysters, bottarga and cauliflower, pounded beef, caviar and salted butter; rice, scampi, cedro and fennel seeds; veal cheek, potatoes, lettuce and vanilla; chocolate and almonds.

Cost: 60 euro

Secondo Tradizione, via Rialto 39, Rome. Tel. 06 3973 4757


San Valentino ROMA 2017

For Valentine’s Day dinner, Necci dal 1924 will take you on a romantic journey with “ingredients of the Eternal life.” Here they are: raw shrimp tacos and paprika avocado, stracciatella cheese with Roman artichokes, tagliolini with lemon and turmeric, seafood ragu, lettuce and chili pepper, beef, potatoes with Viola salt, chocolate mousse, mixed berry pudding and green tea sponge cake.

Cost: 35 euro

Necci dal 1924, via Fanfulla da Lodi 68, Rome. Tel. 06.97601552

La Portineria


Reserve an aperitivo at Portineria to toast to this day of love. On the menu: finger food selection of salty pastries; olive frollino with peppered goat cheese, homemade peach jam and lemon time; almond frollino with seared tuna and caramelized onions; mini croissant with Norwegian salmon in a mango and passion fruit reduction; A taste of: cream of chickpeas and cod meatballs; salted donut with broccoli and sausage;  cream of peas, paprika and crispy pancetta streusel; main dish: Alsace goulash with a reduction of currants and raspberries; dessert: selection of pralines “dell’amore; “mon amour” crunchy pistachio brittle, vanilla cream, red fruit jelly, ginger and lemon mousse. Everything is served with Fortanina La Luna wine from Cantina Ceci.

Cost: 25 euro

La Portineria, via Reggio Emilia 22/24, Rome. Tel. 06 9521 8864

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