Prati, the last Sorpasso

(Here the italian version) Having only been open for two months, it's already a triumph judging from the lines of people waiting for a table. It is called, Sorpasso (which translates to the pass) on Via Properzio, in the Prati neighborhood, on the right side of the Tiber. There are tables outside and it is on a calm street, with an excellent choice of bubbly and organic wines, as well as a prosciutteria where they cut Italian prosciutto as well as a Jamon Iberico selection. The spin-off of the popular Enoteca Passaguai, it has all the cards in play to become a reference point as a young, modern, and gourmet restaurant. And the food? Well, on that the locale needs a little time to come into its own. Not everything works perfectly, but lets give it some time to grow, and for now we can appreciate the more than promising novelty that is already a cool hangout.

The beautiful space where cured meat and cheese are offered. A young staff member armed with a very sharp knife cuts the extraordinary Cecina de Leon. French and Italian cheeses rule the display case.

The wines: The large chalkboard displaying the wine selection by the bottle or glass. Really, it’s not a bad place to be at all. In the bubbly wine selection we find the Ca’ del Bosco Prestige at 6, 5 and the Franciacorta Rosè extra brut at 55. Amongst the whites, the Capolemole Carpineti 2010 at 4, the Ribolla Gialla at 4, 5. Then the Nessuno organic wine from Umbria by Omero Moretti at 4 and the Bacca rossa siciliana at 4. Also note: there is the option of taking away a bottle of the delicious organic Montepulciano of Emidio Pepe (28 euro)

The Menu: In the Menu, we find fresh tagliolini with radicchio and bacon from Sauris (8 euro), spaghetti with garlic and oil (7), hand-made ravioli with ricotta and saffron (9), a potato cake with zucchini and castelmagno (8) beef rolls (10), squid and peas (8) beef entrecote with assorted vegetable (17), spinach with butter and Parmesan (3, 5). And, the honest price of one euro for the coffee.

There’s nothing to say about the chocolate cannoli: excellent. And we found ourselves in the same vein with the crowd: we caught a sighting of Valeria Golino, who alone is worth a visit.

Bonus: The ambience is relaxed and inviting. You can also find the mythic trappezini of the restaurant 00100, with who the owners of Sorpasso have seemed to have formed an alliance. Also, there is free Wifi which in these days is a luxury not to be undervalued.

Malus: The highs and lows of the kitchen.

I voti di Puntarella

Ambience: 7, 5

Kitchen: 6, 5

Staff: 6, 5

Il Sorpasso Via Properzio 31-33 (Prati) Tel. 06 89024554. Sito

Translated by Alida Borgna