Rome in 24 hours, where to eat from breakfast until dinner

Rome in 24 hours, where to eat from breakfast until dinner

Rome in 24 hours, where to eat from breakfast until dinner. Rome, as we all know, was not built in a day. And 24 hours certainly wouldn’t be long enough to appreciate the beauty of the capital city, from its stunning architecture to, obviously, its many delicious restaurants. However, we have put together a mini and up-to-date guide of the best places to visit for both typical Roman recipes and creative cooking, which will cover you through from breakfast to lunch, and aperitivo to dinner.



migliori caffè a roma

This historic bakery in the centre of Rome, in via Merulana, is a stone’s throw away from the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and not far from Termini Central Station. Panella will greet you with the delicious smell of freshly baked treats, varying from typical Roman pastries with fresh ricotta and aromatic spices, to Sicilian cannoli or many recipes from the world over. For a traditional Italian breakfast you can also order cappuccini, cornetti (Italian croissants), apple fagottini (pastry parcels), juices and smoothies. The cappuccini are served in a glass with chantilly cream or even with pistachios, gianduia (sweet chocolate spread), white chocolate or melted chocolate. Panella’s signature coffee is the ‘Panellino’, a coffee made with custard cream, cocoa, cream and special chocolate, pistachio, strawberry, gianduia, melted chocolate and orange dips. There’s also a lovely outdoor terrace.

Panella l’arte del pane, via Merulana 54, Rome. Tel. 064872651 – 064872435 Facebook


Roscioli Caffè

roscioli caffè

You’ll find one of Rome’s best cafes in piazza Cairoli, Roscioli Caffè was opened by a family of fine taste who also run the famous bakery and restaurant nearby. The coffee is made with a manual machine which is maneuvered every so often to create different coffee mixes, pressures and temperatures. We recommend trying the traditional pastries that are produced in the bakery at the back, where it is thought that the traditional ‘pastarella romana’ (choux pastries with various fillings) was brought back into fashion.

Roscioli Caffè, piazza Benedetto Cairoli 16, Roma. Tel. 06 8916 5330. Facebook


Per Me

terrinoni home

Giulio Terrinoni’s new restaurant in central Rome, Per Me, is elegant without being pretentious, and boasts a romantic outside area on the cobbled streets. You’ll find it in vicolo del Malpasso, between via Giulia and via dei Banchi Vecchi. The gourmet lunch menu is a real find and suits every pocket, you can enjoy Italian-style tapas called ‘tappi‘ (9 euros), such as marinated anchovies, fennel, orange and pepper, or smoked mackerel served with bread, tomato and burrata, or even monkfish tripe! There’s also a traditional menu available, with slightly more expensive dishes.

Per Me, vicolo del Malpasso 9, Roma. Tel. 06 687 7365 Facebook




Eggs is a bistro in Trastevere – born out of a collaboration between Zum and Puntarella Rossa – which is entirely dedicated to eggs and carbonara. At Eggs you’ll certainly find hens’ eggs, but there are also small and delicate quails’ eggs and enormous ostrich eggs. There’s even caviar on the menu and sea urchin eggs. For a traditional but also original Roman lunch, you should try the Carbonara Menu, which includes both the traditional recipe and new variations on the theme. Other than carbonara, we recommend meat and fish tartare, New Zealand lamb spareribs, boiled meatballs, delicious salads and dishes with avocado and caviar. And to finish your meal, you must try the artisan tiramisù.

Eggs, via Natale del Grande 52, Rome. Tel. 06 581 7281 Facebook


Caffè Propaganda

caffè propaganda roma

Other than the lunch and evening menu, Caffè Propaganda, two minutes away from the Colosseum, serves a very trendy aperitivo at the bar with small plates that you can enjoy with a delicious drink, between 6pm and 11.30pm in the week and until half midnight at the weekend. You’ll find the cocktail menu under the name Hotel Avanguardia, with creations made by Patrick Pistolesi.

Caffè Propaganda, via Claudia 15, Rome. Tel. 06 9453 4255 Facebook




A winery and bistro in the heart of Monteverde vecchio, Litro is a refuge for organic wine affacinados and for those who are looking for a spot with a relaxing and refined atmosphere. If you prefer your aperitivo in a wine bar, then this is the place for you. The selected wines and cuisine are excellent and there’s a great outdoor space.

Vineria Litro, via Fratelli Bonnet 5, Rome. Tel 06 4544 7639 Facebook




At Matricianella, two minutes from San Lorenzo in Lucina, you’ll find authentic and honest cooking. Your meal should start with a mountain of fried delicacies, from brain to lamb sweetbreads to anchovies, porcini mushrooms, potatoes (5.50 euros) to artichoke alla romana (5.50 euros). Don’t miss their real speciality, the amatriciana (11 euros) and the rigatoni with pajata d’abbacchio (lamb sweetbreads) (12 euros). Finish the meal with a Jewish dessert of ricotta and chocolate and Roman trifle. In the summer months you can tuck into your meal in the small outdoor area.

Matricianella Roma, via del Leone 4, Rome. Tel. 066832100. Facebook



pipero monosilio

The Pipero restaurant has now moved from the Rex hotel to a new and elegant spot in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, facing the Piazza della Chiesa Nuova. The restaurant is modern and beautifully lit, which suits the innovative cuisine. You can choose between two different tasting menus, the Radici and Rami, which are respectively between 6 to 10 dishes (110 to 140 euros, wine not included). Or, there’s also a variety of dishes to choose from on the main menu. For antipasti (the chef’s favourite course) there’s lobster with red turnip and bitter orange and mackerel with wasabi mayonnaise and potatoes (25-40 euros). For starters you should try the prawn risotto (30) and the rigatoni with broccoli, sausage and pecorino, which is a favourite of the restaurant’s regulars (30). For the main course, the joint of pork with potatoes and liquorice is excellent, as is the turbot served with seawood and lettuce (40) and the tongue and scallops (40). The new chef is Ciro Scardamella.

Pipero, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 246/248 Rome. Tel. 06 6813 9022 Facebook




In via delle Zoccolette, you’ll find the splendid Pianostrada, an elegantly styled restaurant with a fantastic courtyard-garden, with a great long bar and a kitchen on show. Already greatly successful with Roman foodies, you can try anything from fried antipasti (10-13.50 euros), salads, gourmet panini (12.50-14.50), artichokes and excellent bread that’s made in house. We loved the artichokes alla giudìa, the extremely light cod tempura and the fig and sun dried tomato focaccia.

Pipero, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 246/248 Rome. Tel. 06 6813 9022 Facebook

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