Thanksgiving Day 2015 Rome: where to celebrate Thanksgiving in Rome, from Vivi Bistrot to Bakery House

Thanksgiving Day 2015 Rome, where to celebrate on Thursday November 26th. Who knows if the American traditions are seeping into Italy like olive oil (take a look at Halloween recently introduced to Italy and now widely celebrated); amongst these, the tradition of Thanksgiving is capturing the spirit of Romans too. From an enormous stuffed turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and …

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Sora Maria e Arcangelo in Olevano Romano: a trattoria that is refining tradition in the countryside of Rome

Sora Maria e Arcangelo in Olevano Romano. Often the best “Roman” food comes the countryside just outside of Rome. Though the Eternal City can keep you eating well eternally, here’s a restaurant to note for a trip outside of Rome into the small hill-town of Olevano Romano, about 45minutes from the city.

Lobster Roll Mania: Lobster in Rome just like in Maine

Lobster roll mania. If we were in a Foster Wallace novel, we would go through all of the Restaurants in Rome with a fine tooth comb, and we would come out with a new wisdom (or maybe a good non-fiction novel) to recount the suffering of lobsters and the thousands of ways to kill them. Yes, because this Autumn in …

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Jubilee 2016 Rome Where to eat near the Vatican: best restaurants and trattorias

Jubilee 2016 Rome where to eat near the Vatican: best restaurants and trattorias December, 2015 marks the opening of the Pope Frances’ Jubilee, in which hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to visit the capital city. A trip to Rome is not complete without a few great meals in Italy’s capital city. Avoid the tourist traps around the Vatican, …

Mostó Rome, the Wine bar that Flaminio was missing

Mostó Rome. The much-anticipated project has two notable key-players: Ciro Borriello, the former Maitre d’ of Acquolina (who did not follow chef Giulio Terrinoni to his new restaurant, Per Me) and Pasquale (Paky) Livieri, of Sorí in San Lorenzo. And now here it is, opened and clean, ready to welcome you back from the summer holidays. The project is charming, …

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The best gelato of Rome, 20 gelaterias

The best gelato of Rome. Time has not stopped the craving for refreshing pleasures: enjoying a gelato while wandering the Eternal City has never lost its magic. And never has Rome been a better home to some of Italy’s best gelaterias. From the traditional tastes to experiments with savory flavors, the cone is rising from a summer snack into a meal …

Where to Eat in Downtown Rome: 10 best restaurants in The Capital

Best Restaurants and Trattorias in the Center of Rome. Leaving aside the excellent, from Pipero to Rex or Pagliaccio, from Sanlorenzo to Roscioli, since these are already well-known and pricy, let’s try to put down the best trattorias and osterias in the center of Rome. Here is our top ten list (with a few extras).